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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 23, 2010

In May, 2005, Howard Dean summed up, in no uncertain terms, how Democrats view Republicans – not just as people with differing values, but as morally bankrupt, heartless individuals who would sooner allow a baby to starve then have to part with their riches. On NBC’s Meet The Press, Dean infamously said, “Our moral values, in contradiction to the Republicans’, is we don’t think kids ought to go to bed hungry at night.”

That’s quite literally how most modern libs see conservatives. They truly believe that limited-government types actually want children go to bed “hungry each night” – just as they honestly think we don’t give a damn about the environment or the homeless. (Now is probably a good time to confess that a favorite pastime of mine is swiping baby food out of the shopping carts of young mothers in the supermarket so that the child will go hungry upon returning home. I also enjoy tossing trash all over the parking lot on my way back to the car after teasing a homeless man with a Big Mac – just as all of us right-wingers like to do.)

Yesterday, the President effectively tore a page from the Book of Dean, making it clear that the worst thing for “the children” of America are Republicans.

While attacking Republicans for opposing ObamaCare, the President said:

Would you want to go back to discriminating against children with preexisting conditions? Would you want to go back to dropping coverage for people when they get sick? Would you want to reinstate lifetime limits on benefits so that mothers like Amy have to work?

We’re not going back, I refuse to go back.

There isn’t enough straw in all the barns across America to construct the man Barack Obama is parading in front of us.

For President Obama, one either supports his big-government spending initiatives or wants nothing at all. One either approves of ObamaCare or wants to see America’s streets littered with the corpses of babies.

No one – repeat no one – wants to see children with pre-existing conditions discriminated against. No one wants to see insurance coverage dropped for people when they get sick.

What Republicans are opposed to is Obama’s out-of-control government spending. They are opposed to seeing crippling tax increases imposed on Americans to help pay for Obama’s unprecedented expansion of government. They are opposed to peddling the fairy tale that health care costs will go down when they can only go up. They are against moving the American health care delivery system – the envy of the world – under the ultimate control of the federal government. They are against the inevitable transition to a single-payer system (i.e., government-run health care) as private insurance companies drop off the map due to their inability to compete with an entity that can print its own money. They are opposed to the inevitable decline in health care that will occur when demand increases exponentially without an increase in supply.

This was quite an instructive moment yesterday.

The only things missing were the President’s welled up eyes, his quivering lip, and his on-cue monogrammed White House handkerchief.

After all, he was talking about “the children.”

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Posted by Andrew Roman on August 11, 2009

Mr. Snitch

The call from the White House for Americans to keep their ever-vigilant eyes and ears open for fellow citizen dissenters remains active. A week after it was originally posted by Macon Phillips on the White House blog, the “Calling All Snitchers” campaign lives. It was intended to draw the White House’s attention to “disinformation” on blogs and websites critical of President Obama’s health care reform initiatives. Of course, this “Rat Out Your Neighbor” crusade is still being largely ignored by the mainstream media – as difficult as that might be to believe.

It just isn’t particularly newsworthy to them.

Meanwhile, the objective mainstream media coverage of manufactured dissenters, contrived protests, and right-wing-led “marching order” rabble-rousing kool-aiders who disrupt townhall meetings across the map goes on in earnest.

I admit to finding it a tad mystifying how more people – even Obamacrats and other assorted leftists – aren’t enraged that the White House, regardless of whose feet are up on the desk, could make such an intimidating (and intrusive) request of its citizens.

Imagine for a moment that the George W. Bush White House had posted a request for Americans to notify them of any blogs or websites openly critical of the war in Iraq. The media would have wet themselves. The skulls of liberals would be exploding from sea to shining sea. Grey ponytails on college campuses all over America would spontaneously burst into flame. Jeneane Garafolo’s face would have already melted into a fine yellow custard-like paste.

It would not have been pretty.

In that spirit, the great Indy Mind blog brings to my attention a story out of Nashua, New Hampshire.

Apparently, invoking the state’s “Live Free or Die” motto while criticizing the President can bring one face to face with the Secret Service.

Albert McKeon, staff writer for Nashua Telepgraph, writes about a man who posted an online criticism of the Obama health care plan:

The man, who posted his comments Wednesday under the username NashuaDan, wrote that Obama’s events are often orchestrated and that the president’s upcoming Town Hall meeting in Portsmouth could be more of the same.

“I hope NH is better than letting this guy off the hook. Let Obama know what ‘Live Free or Die’ means (hint: it isn’t reckless TAXING and SPENDING). Otherwise, Portsmouth will just be another glorified photo-op for the Socialist-in-Chief,” he wrote below a news brief announcing the president’s Seacoast visit Tuesday.

On Thursday morning, NashuaDan found himself on the phone with a Secret Service agent, explaining that his remarks were only philosophical and not intended to threaten Obama, he said.

The Secret Service accepted his response, he said. And from now on, NashuaDan said he will use caution in future Internet postings.

“I do support the fact that we have freedom of speech,” he said in an interview. “This incident doesn’t change my thoughts on that, but the lesson is, I’ll have to choose my words carefully.”

NashauDan is not incorrect.

Indeed, Freedom of Speech accurately relates to the content of what is being said, not necessarily the manner. For instance, laws against indecency across certain forums – like the public airwaves – do not inhibit someone from professing a view or opinion, just the way in which they say it. And when there is no law in place restricting manner, societal standards, values and common decency should (and often do) prevail.

Such is the way of a civil society.

The question in this instance is … Did NashuaDan cross the line?

Another registered user who goes by the name of SLRNashuan thought so – and turned NashuaDan in.

(SLRNashuan) posted a comment in reply to NashuaDan on Wednesday afternoon: “Amazing, NashuaDan. All of those words and not one truth! And, by the way, is that a veiled threat ‘Let Obama know what ‘Live Free or Die’ means’ on the President’s life. Just in case, I called it in.”

Based on the White House blog post calling for Obamacratic Americans to rat out other Americans, one can only conclude that President Obama himself would be damn proud.

Vigilance lives!

It is unclear whether or not SLRNashuan was responding directly to the White House’s request, but at the Indy Mind blog, there can be no doubt:

A fellow reader found the comments to be objectionable and inspired by the new fascistic White House, called in a complaint! Apparently someone took the complaint very seriously and Dan found himself on the phone with the Secret Service! At this point, some people should be wondering what country are we living in and I can only smugly say – Welcome to Obamanation.

You see, when we disagree with the policies of this ultra liberal administration then we are labeled in the worst imaginable way. These tactics are used to shut us up and paint the opposition as a bunch of raving Nazi lunatics. However all that is required to decipher this nonsense, is a modicum of historical knowledge and the realization that the only Nazis in this country are the ones that clamp down free speech and advocate government run health care. Yet I implore you to go to Google and search for “Bush Hitler” and observe how much information you get back from a seemingly idiotic combination of words, amount of hate speech and edited photography is overwhelming. Yet, apparently that is considered to be “patriotic” and perfectly normal, after all, bashing a Republican is akin to exercising one’s duty.  

As leading Democrats continue to condemn those who vigorously speak out at town hall events against Obama’s health care debacle, dismissing them as nothing more than organized, manufactured, “astro-turf”, nazi-like trouble makers, one can at least hope they are willing to extend kudos to the White House with equal zeal.

After all, if using the White House blog to ask people to rally against those who voice dissent isn’t the very essence of manufactured and organized “astro-turf” activism, then nothing is. 

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