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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 11, 2010

Jerry Brown: Just like Goebbels

When in doubt, bring up the Nazis. When trouble looms over the political horizon, drop in the Third Reich. When there is nothing of substance left to say, mix in a swastika.

It’s how the modern liberal clings to dear political life.

The real question is: To open-minded progressives like Democrat California gubernatorial nominee, Jerry Brown (relic), what exactly does a non-Nazilike Republican sound like?

Or is such a thing only hypothetical?

Doug Sovern at his Sovern Nation blog writes:

I ran into Jerry Brown the other day. Or, rather, he ran into me. Literally.

….I asked him how he could possibly compete with her vast campaign treasury – Whitman spent $71 million of her own money on the primary, and is ready to write checks for $80 million more to crush Brown. She also raised about ten million from donors, and there will be more where that came from, from supporters and from the Republican Party.

Brown boasted about his legendary frugality. “I’ve only spent $200,000 so far. I have 20 million in the bank. I’m saving up for her.” It’s true – his stay-on-the-sidelines, bare-bones primary run cost him almost nothing, at least in California political terms. But he also fretted about the impact of all those eBay dollars in Whitman’s very deep pockets. “You know, by the time she’s done with me, two months from now, I’ll be a child-molesting…” He let the line trail off. “She’ll have people believing whatever she wants about me.” Then he went off on a riff I didn’t expect.

“It’s like Goebbels,” referring to Hitler’s notorious Minister of Propaganda. “Goebbels invented this kind of propaganda. He took control of the whole world. She wants to be president. That’s her ambition, the first woman president. That’s what this is all about.”

Yes, Jerry.

Meg Whitman is just like Joseph Goebbels.

How did everyone miss that, except you?

Are there better masters at cheapening language then liberals? From saying America’s health care “crisis” is a modern-day Holocaust to comparing Tea Partiers to Civil Rights Era racists, no one quite steps in steaming excrement with more consistency than the American left.

Whitman’s campaign manager, Jillian Hasner, issued the following response:

“Just last week, Governor Brown promised he wasn’t going to engage in mudslinging, but now he is comparing Meg Whitman to Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. Jerry Brown’s statements comparing our campaign to a propagator of the Holocaust is deeply offensive and entirely unacceptable.”

Reports that Jerry Brown has hired newly retired White House correspondent Helen Thomas as his press agent cannot be confirmed.


H/T to: Weasel Zippers.
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