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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 22, 2010

It took a Ronald-Reagan appointed judge to smack down one of the most moronic and obtuse moves to come out of the Obama White House since the dawn of the Messianic Age. (This doesn’t count anything that happened while Obama was heading up the Office of President Elect).

Twenty-five days ago, in what could only be rationally explained as the President’s desire to inscribe his own chapter in the Book of Asininity, Barack Obama, as a response to the Gulf oil spill, inexplicably issued a six-month moratorium on any new permits for deepwater drilling as well as drilling at any of the 33 exploratory wells in the Gulf.

How it is he didn’t see that making such a boneheaded move would be on par with suspending all air travel because of a plane crash, or outlawing motor vehicles because a thirty care pileup on the Connecticut Turnpike, is inconceivable.

Then again, no one who expects to be taken seriously ever used the terms “wisdom” and “Barack Obama” in the same paragraph, let alone sentence.

Well, earlier today, U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman of Louisiana took his gavel and cracked it across the administration’s puss by blocking Obama’s six-month moratorium, saying, in effect, that the damage caused by the suspension of drilling would be inestimable.

Well done, Judge Feldman.

From Fox News:

Several companies that ferry people and supplies and provide other services to offshore drilling rigs asked U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in New Orleans to overturn the moratorium, arguing it was arbitrarily imposed.

Feldman agreed, saying in his ruling the Interior Department seemed to assume that because one rig failed, all companies and rigs doing deepwater drilling pose an imminent danger.

“An invalid agency decision to suspend drilling of wells in depths of over 500 feet simply cannot justify the immeasurable effect on the plaintiffs, the local economy, the Gulf region, and the critical present-day aspect of the availability of domestic energy in this country,” Feldman wrote.

Feel free to take a “Hell Yes!” out of petty cash.

As expected, the White House vowed that they would seek an immediate appeal … because they can’t very demonstrate to the world how evil fossil fuels are if some right-wing judge appointed by a cowboy President is allowed to impose his free-market, big-oil, squash-the-little-guy agenda on the poor folks of the Gulf – even though the Obama moratorium would have put thousands upon thousands out of work, forced many drillers to move to friendlier waters and pushed America toward greater dependence on foreign oil.

The moratorium was imposed after the April 20 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that killed 11 workers and blew out the well that has spewed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf.

The Interior Department said it needed time to study the risks of deepwater drilling. But the lawsuit filed by Hornbeck Offshore Services of Covington, La., claimed there was no proof the other operations posed a threat.

Company CEO Todd Hornbeck said after the ruling that he is looking forward to getting back to work.

“It’s the right thing for not only the industry but the country,” he said.

The moratorium was declared May 6 and originally was to last only through the month. Obama announced May 27 that he was extending it for six months.

Maybe more golf course time is what’s needed for Barack Obama. Maybe after the back nine, a return to the front nine would be best for all parties involved.

The more things that keep him occupied and away from the Oval Office, the better.
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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 18, 2010

It’s akin to having the Board of Health walk into a hospital operating room, mid-operation, and order the surgeon to cease what he is doing until the room corners can be checked for dust bunnies and stray lint. Better yet, it would be like the police stopping a fire engine on its way to a raging inferno to make sure its registration was up to date.

If ever there was something that needed to fall into the “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” file – or the “You Can’t Be F—ing Serious” file, this is it.

On June 9th, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ordered barges to begin the process of sucking crude oil out of Louisiana’s waters.

However, yesterday, much to the disgust of the Governor, the barges stopped working. They sat like President Obama at the Oval Office Desk with cameras running: idle.

No oil was being removed.

And it wasn’t because the barges had broken down or were proving to be ineffective. To the contrary, they were working quite well.

No, those barges were ordered to be shut down by the feds so that they could be inspected for life vests and fire extinguishers.

From ABC News:

“It’s the most frustrating thing,” the Republican governor said (yesterday) in Buras, La. “Literally, yesterday morning we found out that they were halting all of these barges.”

Sixteen barges sat stationary today, although they were sucking up thousands of gallons of BP’s oil as recently as Tuesday. Workers in hazmat suits and gas masks pumped the oil out of the Louisiana waters and into steel tanks. It was a homegrown idea that seemed to be effective at collecting the thick gunk.

“These barges work. You’ve seen them work. You’ve seen them suck oil out of the water,” said Jindal.

So why stop now?

“The Coast Guard came and shut them down,”Jindal said. “You got men on the barges in the oil, and they have been told by the Coast Guard, ‘Cease and desist. Stop sucking up that oil.’”

But the Coast Guard ordered the stoppage because of reasons that Jindal found frustrating. The Coast Guard needed to confirm that there were fire extinguishers and life vests on board, and then it had trouble contacting the people who built the barges.

So, if I may ask: Would it not have been possible to send another vessel full of life vests and fire extinguishers – assuming they were needed – out to the barges? Was it necessary to completely suspend operations while this “inspection” took place?

To be clear, this isn’t about the United States Coast Guard.

This is about where the orders to the Coast Guard came from.

This is why modern liberals cannot be trusted with responsibility. Leaders get thing done. Libs, on the other hand, organize fact finding commitees to determine if hearings will be necessary to establish new bureaucracies.

Following the cue of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Jindal decided enough was enough – that it was up to him to do what the feds would not do. It speaks volumes about the undeniable ineptitude of the Obamacratic regime.

Zip at Weasel Zippers put it best when he wrote: “Jindal might have the toughest job in this whole mess, he’s fighting on two-fronts, against the oil slicks and the Obama administration…”


Incidentally, here’s what a governor who is sick of incompetency looks and sounds like:

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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 17, 2010

From the “World Class Morons” file …

On Tuesday, just hours before the President sat at his Oval Office desk and said nothing before 32 million prime time television viewers, British Petroleum President, Lamar McKay, was being grilled at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing about the Gulf oil spill.

Congressman Joseph Cao, Republican from Louisiana, used the opportunity to do what any clear-thinking, sane-minded individual wishing to find solutions to a most tragic situation would do – suggest that a company big wig disembowel himself.

After all, what says “problem solving” more than suggesting that someone commit suicide to make things right?

Besides, what would ease the pain and suffering of the affected people of the Gulf region more than to have the President of BP stab himself with a sword?

From Fox News:

“Well, in the Asian culture, we do things differently. During the Samurai days, we’d just give you the knife and ask you to commit hara-kiri,” said Cao, who is Vietnamese-American. “My constituents are still debating on what they want me to ask you to do.”

Cao went on to complain about BP’s response in his district, which he said is suffering “great economic impact” from the oil spill.

“The clean-up process has been a disgrace. The claims process has been dismal,” Cao said.

To repeat, Cao is a Vietnamese-American. Harakiri – or more accurately, seppuku – is a Japanese form of ritual suicide.

No matter, though.

All of those Asians look alike anyway, don’t they Mr. Cao?

Another numbskull from Nitwit County heard from …

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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 16, 2010

There was no plan. He didn’t try to sell anything – except how exceptional the feds’ reaction to the Gulf oil spill has been. He offered no solutions, presented no direction, said nothing specific, and even left the heart of the lib media scratching their collective scalps.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, “I don’t sense executive command.”

His vinegary cohort, Keith Olbermann, ached, “I don’t think he aimed low, I don’t think he aimed at all. It’s startling.”

It was a brief – and frankly embarrassing – excursion into platitudinal hell. It was, in short, the worst speech ever given by President Barack Obama.

And it may be the worst speech ever delivered by a President from the Oval Office.

It is not possible to overstate it.

“Empty” doesn’t cover it. To say it was “lame” is an affront to the word.

And while Americans waited to hear something – anything – about how the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf would be tended to, what we got instead was wandering blather about clean energy, green jobs, energy-efficient windows, more federal commissions, higher taxes and his pledge to bully big oil. He promised an expansion of the federal government, yet again, and put forth the cockeyed message that the pain and suffering being felt by Americans in the Gulf region will be relieved with higher energy costs and a loss of jobs.

To begin with, thousands of oil rig jobs – along with the onshore jobs that support them – will remain “offline” because President Obama did not lift the moratorium on oil drilling. The policy will stay in effect until he hears a panel’s recommendations on how to improve worker safety and environmental protections.

Oh, goody.

The obvious result will be that the United States becomes increasingly more dependant on foreign oil at a time when this country needs oil the most. Ultimately, rig operators will have no choice but to move to friendlier waters.

How exactly this is better for the United States is unclear.

Secondly, President Obama vowed to “make BP pay” – something I’m sure he thought would knock it out of the park with the American people.

Nice try.

Despite his cartoonish posturing, the Bully-In-Chief cannot actually order a private company (British Petroleum, in this case) to put money into an escrow account, or tell them they cannot pay out dividends. That’s not exactly constitutional.

However, the President can – and certainly will – employ some creatively persuasive methods (i.e., big government intimidation) in his new domestic contingency operation against oil companies.

And although Obama never actually tried to peddle “Cap And Trade” or a “carbon tax” during the speech – as many had expected – he certainly did hit each of the anti-oil, big-windmill talking points we’ve all heard many times before.

He also talked about moving into the future, and creating the kind of America we want for our children, but then said he hadn’t any idea how it was going to happen or what it was going to look like.

Such clarity. Such leadership.

I am loathe to quote the regularly detestable Keith Olbermann, but he summed up the Obama performance this way: “It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days.”
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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 15, 2010


I can assure you, I am fully appreciative of the magnitude of the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The repercussions, both environmentally and economically, are extremely serious. Even the President, some fifty-plus days after the explosion that killed eleven human beings on the Deepwater Horizon rig and triggered the oil spill, has had to suck it up and acknowledge that conditions on the ground justify that attention be diverted from him to the Gulf Coast. (It must be very difficult for him).

And with Barack Obama scheduled to speak from the Oval Office tonight on the situation – where the teleprompters are big and beautiful – poised to use the oil spill as a springboard into more government growth, the stage is set for thrills to make their way up a whole lot of mainstream media legs.

This will be leadership on full display.

This will be the moment for the young metrosexual from Chicago to lay his critics to waste and exert the kind of strength and eloquence (albeit almost two months late) that the media has been singing about around the campfire for three years.

This will be the political Viagra that will invigorate a flaccid and disappointing presidency.


But make no mistake about it … it doesn’t matter how many politically expedient, hyper-arrogant, camera-friendly promises Barack Obama makes, the Gulf region will recover from the oil spill in spite of him and his world class ineptitude. He can get up in front of all the cameras he wants and pretend to know how to lead, how to inspire, how to exude confidence, making promises about how the Gulf region will return to normal someday, but it means absolutely nothing. He might as well stand in a driving rain storm and promise that the sunshine will return.

Things will, indeed, return to normal, regardless of what he says or does.

This is not to minimize what’s happened there, but the Anointed One need not bother faking leadership or project some transparent façade of strength nearly two months after the fact; his image as a clueless, supremely detached, disconnected Golfer-In-Chief has long since been established.

Without question, the Gulf region will recover – without the blessings, assurances and soundbite-ready promises of politician Barack H. Obama.

Nature is funny that way.

The Earth, probably to the shock of many, has an uncanny capacity to heal herself, despite the screechings of the hysterical doomsayers of the world.

That’s not to suggest that the oil spill is not a big deal.

It obviously is.

The livelihoods of Americans are being aversely affected. The damage being done environmentally cannot be denied. It is an accident of monumental proportion that will be dealt with, even with Barack Obama in the White House.

But it is not the end of civilization as we know it. The day of environmental reckoning has not come. It is not even close to being on par with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as President Obama has suggested.

And if the President wants to sashay up to the cameras hoping to save face on a disastrous presidency – you might call it the Gulf oil spill of presidencies – and promise the American people that the Gulf will return to normal, let him.

Of course things will return to normal.

It will take time.

But it will have nothing to do with Barack Obama and his photo-op astroturf promises.
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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 15, 2010

Zip at Weasel Zippers asks the question: “How many Czars are we up to now?”

He asks this in response to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ saying that President Obama will announce a Gulf oil spill recovery plan tonight.

That plan will be headed by a brand new Czar – the latest in an ever-growing stable of Czars that answer to no one but President Barack Obama.

Gibbs spoke with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America:

GIBBS: We are going to outline tonight groups of people and somebody that will be in charge of a recovery plan – putting a recovery plan together – and ready to have when we get past the cleanup and response phase of this disaster.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: So a “Recovery Czar?”

GIBBS: We will have somebody who will – yes – be tasked with doing that.

From Infotech Czar to AIDS Czar, from California Water Czar to Green Jobs Czar, there isn’t a Czar President Obama can’t whip up on a dime.

It’s hard to tally a precise count of exactly how many of these unaccountable, unofficial positions actually exist in ObamaLand, but some say in the neighborhood of 30 to 35.

Maybe they need a Czar Czar.

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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 14, 2010

I suppose all it takes is a direct comparison to the worst terrorist attack in United States history to convince the rest of us that the President really is in touch with the American people, that he gets it, that perceptions of his being aloof and detached are wholly misconstrued – a construct of his political enemies.

The disastrous oil spill in the Gulf – according to the President – echoes the murder of nearly three-thousand innocents at the hands of terrorists on September 11, 2001. It is, according to the Community-Organizer-In-Chief, on par with the most dastardly act of evil ever perpetrated on American soil.

Not that it’s surprising he would think that way.

It’s inherent in the liberal blood stream; and I don’t mean the propensity to draw comparisons, which we all do. Rather, I’m talking about making embarrassingly erroneous corrolations. The way the left can carelessly compare health insurance coverage to the Holocaust or equate dissent to Nazi Germany is well-documented. Setting the Gulf oil spill on the same scale with the attacks of September 11, 2001 and hoping to find some kind of balance is yet another example of Barack Obama’s disconnect.

But it isn’t the latest and greatest example.

Barack Obama, to his credit, keeps topping himself.

If, for the sake of argument, one is to accept Barack Obama’s premise that the oil spill in the Gulf echoes the 9/11 attacks (i.e., the deaths of 3,000), what then can be said about the four hours the President spent on the golf course yesterday?

If the environmental and economic disaster on America’s Gulf Coast is to be equated with the murderous attack that brought down the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, what are the American people to think about a President who hits the links while such a catastrophe is taking place?

What if, for example, on September 21, 2001, one day after his magnificent speech before a joint session of Congress – ten days after the 9/11 attacks – President Bush took some cronies out for a round of golf while the rubble in lower Manhattan still smoked? Would there be any backlash from the media? Or the American people?

What if Bush went golfing, say, thirty days after the attacks? Or fifty? Would it seem appropriate to do so while this nation was formulating a retaliation strategy for the attacks? While battle plans were being put together, would it have been proper for the President to squeeze in a quick nine holes?

From The Hill:

President Barack Obama spent four hours on the golf course Sunday in temperatures that peaked in the low 90s. The White House pool reported that they left Andrews Air Force Base as it started to rain after 4 p.m.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was among the group golfing with Obama.

Also reportedly in the golfing group were White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and photographer David Katz.

The president leaves Monday for his fourth trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill began nearly two months ago. On the trip, the President will visit Gulfport, Miss., Theodore, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla., to survey the response efforts, visit with Gulf residents impacted by the spill and meet with area officials.

Golf before Gulf, I always say.

And for those who would argue that is unfair and intellectually dishonest to compare preparing for war to trying to get a handle on the Gulf oil spill, I would say, “Exactly.”

Appreciating how serious the situation in the Gulf is, for all of its destructiveness, we can only Thank God it was not another 9/11 type of attack on American soil that took place with Barack Obama at the helm. Given the ineptitude of this administration on all fronts, one shudders at the thought.
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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 27, 2010

Brian, at the great Weasel Zippers blog, posted a video clip from Barack Obama’s press conference earlier today in which the President did his best to convince the American people that his every waking moment is consumed with the Gulf oil spill. Reminiscent of the scene in The Caine Mutiny where Captain Queeg (Humphrey Bogart) sits at the head of the table in the officer’s mess and tries to convince his shipmates that he isn’t a bad guy – that even his dog likes him – President Obama recounted the heart-wrenching, emotion-drenched interaction he had with his daughter this morning while he was shaving.

It was as relevant as it was tender – as plastic as it was nauseating, in a “listen-to-the-violins” sort of way – and it shed a revealing light on the Commander-In-Chief, the man of the people, the One.

Said the President:

And so my job right now is just to make sure that everyone in the Gulf understands this is what I wake up to in the morning, and this is what I go to bed at night thinking about: the spill. And it’s not just me, by the way. When I woke up this morning and I’m shaving, and Malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peaks in her head and she says, ‘Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?’”

If, after reading those words, you didn’t weep instantly, you have no soul.

And while Obama’s performance this afternoon conjured up a scene in a fifty-six year old movie for me, in Brian’s mind, it conjured up the words of another disastrous President bringing up the concerns of his daughter on the national stage.

Thirty years ago, it was Jimmy Carter, who said:

I had a discussion with my daughter, Amy, the other day before I came here, and I asked her what the most important issue was. She said she thought nuclear weapons.

If, after reading those words, you didn’t retroactively weep instantly, you have no soul.

By contrast, my own kids would probably be thought of as cold-blooded, heartless wads of selfish flesh since they’d be more likely to ask, “Did the President bankrupt the country yet, Daddy?”


Will there be any money left in my paycheck for me to take home when I grow up and start working, Daddy?”


“What else is Obama going to take over, Papa?”

It’s interesting how Malia Obama asked her Dad if he plugged the hole.

“Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?”

To those paying attention, the answer, obviously, is “no.”

I heard both Janet Napolitano and Mrs. Obama speaking as recently as today.

(Feel free to insert your own punch line here).

Incidentally, it was gracious of the President of the United States to take the time to thank the literally thousands of people who have been working on trying to end the Gulf oil spill – everyone from first responders to engineers, from scientists to consultants – risking their lives, investing extraordinary amounts of time and energy, expending blood, sweat and tears to try and plug up the hole.

Oh wait …

He didn’t.

Never mind.

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