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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 14, 2009

Such is the nature of the blogosphere … an interesting idea, picture or quote pops up somewhere and before you know you it, it has spread across cyberspace quicker than Barack Obama can febreze the White House bathroom after sneaking a cigarette.

In my view, as long as proper credit is given to the originator of the content, it is perfectly alright to spread it around. It is, after all, the very heart and soul of blogging.

Thus, shamelessly swiping these two pictures from the great Proof Positive blog, who shamelessly swiped them from the equally great Say Anything blog, here is a study in practical environmentalism.

Guess which of these pictures was taken after a rally attended by limited-government, right-wing, free-market types, and which one was taken after a huge gathering of Obama worshippers.

Hint: Which group believes in personal responsibility?

DC_after the inauguration

DC_after the tea party


If you guessed that the garbage-strewn scene was taken after a gathering of Obamacrat masses, you were right! It was actually taken after the President’s annointment ceremony in January in Washington, D.C.

Contrast that to the “clean” scene following this weekend’s DC Tea Party.

As Rob at Say Anything writes: Moral of the story: Conservatives clean up after themselves. Liberals expect other people to do it for them.


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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 16, 2009

Go Green_Brown

It isn’t possible to swing a dead ferret (or one of a billion special-edition Obama Inaugural collector’s magazines that are still on sale at a newsstand near you) these days without hitting something that urges us to “Go Green.” There is hardly a place one can even draw a breath anymore without being peppered by pleas – nay, demands – that we, the citizenry of the world, live a “greener” lifestyle. From grocery store flyers to signs attached to garbage cans, from leftocrat school curricula to simple radio commercials, the ongoing, never-ending battle cry is “Go Green!” It is the mantra of today’s cause-obsessed left – always starving for some new morality to rally behind, while remaining steadfast in their unwillingness to take on the true enemies of humankind, namely evil humans.

Of course, the Grand Poobah of today’s environmentalist whitewash, Al Gore, would sooner call a Hummer-driving, air-conditioning-running, incandescent light-bulb burning supporter of George W. Bush evil before he would a suicide bomber who wipes out innocents, but I am speaking as an adult here, not a liberal.

The truth is, all roads in the current battle for a “greener” planet emanate from one place … the impending catastrophe of man-made global warming.

(It is imperative to clarify that the problem, as defined by the greenies, is “man-made.” If it were proven to these enviro-warriors that the warming they fear is simply a natural phenomenon, none of them would care if temperatures went up fifteen degrees, let alone one over the course of a century).

Not that the planet has been warming at all for several years, but as long as judgments don’t have to be levied against the value sets of other people (except, of course, in the case of greedy capitalists, fossil-fuel consuming narcissists and anyone who buys into the free market sham), morality can continue to be defined inappropriately and cowardly.

The irony is that for things to be “greener,” temperatures would, in fact, have to be warmer.

Remember your four seasons?

When things start to get “greener,” isn’t that something associated with warming temperatures? Aren’t spring and summer the times of year when the mercury is trending upward? Aren’t they the warm weather seasons?

Greener trees, shrubs and fields are almost always the result of rising temperatures. Most foliage thrives in the warm weather. Food is more plentiful when temperatures rise. Economically, warmer periods are more prodictive.

Wouldn’t it better – or, at least, make more sense – for the environmentalists to ask us all to “Go Grey?”

Or “Go Brown?”

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