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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 17, 2010

Sometimes, things just speak for themselves – like Hillary Clinton in a bathing suit or ketchup and jelly sandwiches. Sometimes the clever interjections and observations of even the most entertaining wordsmiths are unnecessary. Sometimes, things can just stand on their own.

Such is the case when a liberal fishwrap publishes commentary that asserts a mass murderer could win elective office over one of its own.

That’s when you know things aren’t so good in Honeymoon Haven.

The UK Guardian is as leftist as the management of the New York Mets baseball team is embarrassing. (If you don’t know baseball, trust me. If you do … right?)

Check out this web page:

Sure, George W. Bush was regularly compared to Adolf Hitler, but I don’t think even the most pot-soaked, sandal-wearing, maggot-infested, retro-hippie peace freak would have said that Hitler could beat him in an election … even with a Florida recount.

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