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Posted by Andrew Roman on December 7, 2009

Code Pink in action

When pacifists (i.e., dingbats) take to the streets to protest war, they do so not because they genuinely long for peace.

In fact, I invite anyone who genuinely believes these sign carrying, spoiled brat noisemakers in hot pink demonstration smocks actually care about peace to stand on his or her head while balancing fiery coals on the soles of their feet.

If they really did, they would embrace the United States military.

They protest because, first and foremost, they want American soldiers to withdraw from whatever theater of engagement they happen to be in – but not because they care about the slaughtering of innocents by totalitarians. To the contrary, they are absolutely willing to let bad people do whatever they’re going to do to innocents as long as America stays out of it. (Cambodia, Rwanda, come to mind).

The peace movement is about anything but peace.

Rarely (if ever) will these born-to-protest enthusiasts direct their colorful banners and rally rhyming schemes at someone like Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro. You won’t often see these flower-in-your-hair socially conscious do-nothings speak out against ethnic cleansing overseas, or terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Indeed, they’re willing to travel across the country to shake their fists at Americans willing to fight for what’s right, but never find themselves traveling overseas to speak out against whatever oppression they find unworthy of their time and effort.

Code Pink is one of the better known anti-war organizations in the country. They’re pacifists – meaning they’re morally bankrupt cowards. Just a glance at their website reveals everything from “Arrest the War Criminals” banners to calls for the arrest of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, blah, blah, blah. Their misguided, out-of-context, leftist drek is far too extensive to catalogue here. Safe to say, they are immeasurably wrong on each issue they address – unless irrational, emotion-based, bumper-sticker cognition with no practical real-world meaning is your thing.

The question is … how long until Code Pink, and other white flag waving cowards, call for the arrest of Leftist-in-Chief, Barack Obama?

Perhaps they’re on their way.

On their website is a link to their “Woman Say NO to the Escalation web page (referring to the war in Afghanistan), which features the following graphic:

From their website:

*UPDATE* The White House called to let us know that they had been receiving too many emails from us! So keep them coming!

Whether or not you voted for Barack Obama, this escalation of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan is not the HOPE he promised.

“If Obama is really honest with the Afghan people, he must apologize and end this tragic drama of the so-called war on terror, end this occupation. Democracy never comes by the barrel of a gun, or by cluster bombs.” –Malalai Joya, 11/07/09

Really, Ms. Joya?

I invite her, and the members of Code Pink, to look up and read about the American War for Independence (i.e., The Revolutionary War).

If I recall … something about guns, fighting tyranny, building a democracy…

Maybe they ought to brush up a bit on German and Japan and the aftermath of World War II.

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