Roman Around

combating liberalism and other childish notions


I am your typical patriotic, small limited government, comma-happy, stream of consciousness conservative living in the heart of all that is blue, New York City. (Any of you who are so inclined are welcome to pray for me). I love New York, but I despise its liberalism.

I hang my hat in a little out-of-the-way enclave of Brooklyn, known as Gerritsen Beach. It is very un-Brooklyn-like and there are plenty of flags a-wavin.’ It’s a different world here.

I enjoy writing about everything from current events to the many ways one may prepare chicken marsala – although I am, admittedly, more apt to discuss the idiocy of modern liberalism than supper. (I should probably amend that a bit).

I am a political junkie who believes that well-intentioned liberals are the way they are because their common sense gene has taken a sabbatical. Perhaps it is something viral – or maybe something in the hard-wiring – but I don’t really know.

I adore baseball and have three walls of shelves full of New York Mets memorabilia. I am also a New York Jets fan. (I’m a glutton for punishment, yes?)

I cannot stand when people use Albert Einstein’s “definition” of insanity as a plausible and reasoned argument for anything that needs “changing.”

I truly believe whole-heartedly that the United States of America is, indeed, the last best hope of the world. With every atom of my makeup, I believe we are a noble and good nation. With equal fervor, I believe that no one does pastrami like Adelman’s on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, New York. (Their onion rings are also sensational).

I believe in small limited government, lower taxes, a strong military and vinyl still being the best way to listen to the Beatles.

I adore my wife, two daughters, sheep dog, cat (who thinks he’s a dog) and love a good cigar.

I hate it when people think I hate them because we may differ on given positions, e.g., I am against same-sex marriage so I must therefore hate gays.

And there is nothing wrong with hate – when directed correctly. I hate evil, for example.


9 Responses to “JUST A TAD ‘BOUT ME”

  1. Alice L. said

    I must note that Urban Elephants is very much against social conservatives, especially pro life ones. They also allowed a pro Iranian guy on as a troll while kicking out somebody who is strongly anti terrorist. Their hatred of pro lifers outways their love of America and NYC. Very sad.

  2. hoosierarmymom said

    Adding you to my blogroll mon ami!

  3. Nice bio – love the humor

    Some days it takes that sarcasm to get through the muck doesn’t it?

    Adding you to my blogroll – hope you get a chance to come by and see if we’re worth the same!

    Keep spreading the conservative word!


  4. rightbill said

    Hey Roman… You might like my song on youtube…

    And I’m puting you on my list of links…


  5. Because of 9/11, and perhaps even before that, foreign affairs and the onslaught of the Islamist ideology plus the doctrine of jihad and reliving the Golden Years of the Caliph, I became a full-fledged conservative in CANADA. But, I listen to American Talk Radio, from Rush Limbaugh to John Batchelor to Laura Ingraham, and many more conservatives to become more informed of the state of mind… a New York State of Mind, as well. One of my favorite cities in the world.

    Furthermore, I also enjoy cigars as you will see and read on my website and weblog:

    Continue the awareness… Edmund Onward James

  6. Momma said

    Me again, Check out you tube…” Urban Tree 6″ San Diego… I created a sculpture for all Veterans, from all branches and many conflict’s. It is an American Eagle…But the feathers are all replaced with military dog tags of men and women..daughters and sons,husbands and wives who have served our nation. In the Eagles talons are the tags of KIA,POW,MIA,KIA, Commendations of Valor,BronzeStar, Purple Heart..and the rest..I call the piece “Thank You” There are men who survived Pearl Harbor..I have not or will not ever forget one of these Americans. Please ..Never Leave a Veteran behind,and Thank them when you have the chance,,Love you all,Cathy

  7. Winston O Boogie said

    It took me awhile,A LONG WHILE, but I found you……….I heard thru the grapevine that somebody retired….Mr Polo Grounds, I think his name was.Very interesting.Nice new vocation you have.
    Please get in touch.
    Ralph and Alice demand it.

  8. QueenBee said

    Andrew, you are a breath of fresh air with a side of quiet humor, and I respect that. I, too, married the love of my life (in 2004). That’s probably why we’re so civilized in our writings—contentment. We are of like mind in writing about the injustices set upon Conservatives by the Liberals out there. I’m an Independent, and love reading your blog so much I’m adding it to my bloggroll at It’s also refreshing to read a blog that doesn’t include foul language to get a point across. You can catch a lot more bees with honey than vinegar, which is why this QueenBee stopped by. Let’s get the truth out there, Andrew. This country depends on it! Maybe by November, we can help in giving back America to its rightful owners—We The People of the United States Of America…

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