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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 17, 2010

From the “World Class Morons” file …

On Tuesday, just hours before the President sat at his Oval Office desk and said nothing before 32 million prime time television viewers, British Petroleum President, Lamar McKay, was being grilled at a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing about the Gulf oil spill.

Congressman Joseph Cao, Republican from Louisiana, used the opportunity to do what any clear-thinking, sane-minded individual wishing to find solutions to a most tragic situation would do – suggest that a company big wig disembowel himself.

After all, what says “problem solving” more than suggesting that someone commit suicide to make things right?

Besides, what would ease the pain and suffering of the affected people of the Gulf region more than to have the President of BP stab himself with a sword?

From Fox News:

“Well, in the Asian culture, we do things differently. During the Samurai days, we’d just give you the knife and ask you to commit hara-kiri,” said Cao, who is Vietnamese-American. “My constituents are still debating on what they want me to ask you to do.”

Cao went on to complain about BP’s response in his district, which he said is suffering “great economic impact” from the oil spill.

“The clean-up process has been a disgrace. The claims process has been dismal,” Cao said.

To repeat, Cao is a Vietnamese-American. Harakiri – or more accurately, seppuku – is a Japanese form of ritual suicide.

No matter, though.

All of those Asians look alike anyway, don’t they Mr. Cao?

Another numbskull from Nitwit County heard from …

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