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Posted by Andrew Roman on June 13, 2010

Huntsville City Councilman Showers

Is it possible to use the word “black” anymore and not have to contend with over-sensitive, uneducated, dimwitted race-obsessed relics coming out of the woodwork crying racism? Must every phrase or expression that employs the word “black” – or references anything to do with blacks – be cleared by a panel of civil rights arbiters before it is acceptable to use in public?

(Remember when Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price went ballistic because fellow commissioner Kenneth Mayfield used the phrase “black hole” to describe misplaced paperwork?)

Recently, the NAACP muscled Hallmark into removing a talking greeting card that featured the words “black hole” because some blacks heard it as “black whore.” The graduation greeting card, which had an outer-space theme, referenced such things as the solar system and Saturn’s rings. But because some folks inexplicably heard the words “black whore,” – a conspicuously uncelestial phrase – the card was yanked. Even when told that the words being said were “black hole,” some swore they could hear an “r” at the end.

Welcome to post-racial America.

One cannot help but wonder if it is at all possible to disagree with a black person in public office anymore and not be branded a racist. Can one actually take a stand against unfavorable or unpopular policies supported by people of color and not have to withstand accusations of bigotry or prejudice? Is it conceivable to the floundering remnants of the race-baiting, intellectually vapid left that a black person could be wrong simply because his or her policy is, you know, a bad idea?

Better yet, is it possible for a white man to behave inappropriately against a black man and not have it be because of racism? Or latent bigotries? Or deep contempt for those with melanin-heavy skin? Can inappropriate behavior against someone of color ever happen because the person perpetrating the act is being an undisciplined, boorish ass?

In Huntsville, Alabama, the idiocy of the city’s mayor apparently cannot be a result of a lack of self control or bad values. It must be about race.

From the Huntsville Times:

Mayor Tommy Battle, acting in frustration with councilman Richard Showers, threw a plastic bottlecap into the dais at the end of Thursday’s city council meeting.

A member of the audience, the Rev. Mitchell Walker of Church Street CPCA, later that night sent a strongly worded email to Battle, as well as dozens of church and community leaders. Walker demanded an apology.

“Well, I can just say for me,” wrote Walker, “to see an elected authoritative Caucasian male mayor totally lose his cool and have the utter gall to throw something at or near a senior African American male Councilman … I’m just speaking for me … very much carries ‘racial’ overtones.”

I cannot possibly be the only one who is infinitely tired of this crap.

To the left, everything under the sun is about, related to, defined by or measured in terms of skin color. To them, all that comprises every day life in the United States of America, in some context, can be filtered through the prism of race. Whether we are redressing grievances – such as opposing the destructive policies of half-white Barack Obama – or reacting childishly by tossing a bottle cap at a city councilman, rest assured that if the recipient is a person with dark skin, the motivations must be racial.

Whether Mayor Battle will be charged with a hate crime is unknown at this time.
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One Response to “IT MUST BE ABOUT RACE”

  1. proof said

    Hallmark should have just invited the NAACP to their headquarters for a beer! That would have solved it!

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