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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 17, 2010

First of all, the H/T goes to the great Ace of Spades blog for bringing this to my attention.

Second, if I didn’t have four different projects in the works, a client list that is non-transferable, and a slew of obligations that preclude me from doing so, I would grab all of my stuff, throw it in a drawstring Hefty bag and make my way down to Alabama and find a place to live, just so I could vote for this guy.

I can guarantee the word “metrosexual” has never been applied to Dale Peterson, Republican candidate for Alabama Agriculture Commissioner.

As Drew M. at the AoS blog says: “Best Political Ad Ever.”

Yes, he used the word “illegal.”

Yes, he brandished a rifle in the ad.

Yes, he even scared the living daylights out of the trees.

The moment Mr. Peterson slung his firearm over his right shoulder, that was it for me. I was on the phone to U-Haul.

Luckily, the wife reeled me back in before I gave my two week notice.

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