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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 11, 2010

British Prime Minister, David Cameron

In commenting on the resignation of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (and the ascendancy of the Conservative Party’s David Cameron to the slot), ZIP at the great Weasel Zippers blog writes: “I sense a box of DVDs and an iPod of Obama speeches in David Cameron’s future… “

While it is a great line I wish I would have thought of – or at least posted first – I think ZIP (with all due respect) may be slightly wrong on this one.

Remember, Barack Obama is not exactly a giver – unless, of course, you classify a fake eight-dollar-a-month tax “cut” funded by the rich as “giving.” He’s not exactly thoughtful – unless you consider his ability to woosh his head effortlessly from the left teleprompter to the right as contemplative.

Seeing as Barack Obama is a proponent of spreading the wealth, I predict that the President of the United States will ask Gordon Brown for the box of DVDs back so that he might redistribute them to David Cameron.

And in the spirit of friendship and narcissism, Obama may even update the collection with a few new titles:

“The Great Obama Faintings of Campaign ’08.”

-“The Waters That I Walk Upon – How Humility Made Me The Most Important Human Being That Has Ever Lived. (The Barack Obama Story)”

-“How I Made The American Constitution Fall Down And Go Bam.”

Reports that the White House has been calling around for the best international shipping rates so that the HMS Resolute desk can be sent back to Queen Victoria in London cannot be confirmed.

President Obama is expected to be informed that Queen Victoria died in 1901 later today.

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  1. Bernie said

    You forgot one of Obama’s biggest hits, “How to Host a Beer Summit in One Easy Lesson”. Or don’t forget this one, not out on cd just yet but coming soon, “You Don’t Need to Have papers to Get Ice Cream in Washington D.C.” He might get an Oscar for that one. At least one country went conservative………………Bernie/SBL

    • Andrew Roman said

      You’re right. I should be ashamed. How on earth did I miss these? The “Beer Summit” video, especially, was a classic – not to mention all the bonus footage. Thanks for setting me straight, my friend.

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