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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 11, 2010

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

The way it works is this: Some cockamamie, rattlebrained notion from the left becomes the latest and greatest peril facing some (or all) of humankind (o-zone depletion, the heterosexual AIDS epidemic in America, global cooling, overpopulation, DDT, food depletion, the drying up of natural resources, breast implants, etc). It is presented in such a way as to sound remarkably sensible and entirely probable. For a given period of time, it saturates all forms of media, and eventually, through sheer repetition, is accepted as absolute fact. The bulk of humanity, without bothering to delve into the matter at any great length -and fearful that yet another threat to their very existence is upon them- buys into the hysteria.

Then, unconvinced members of the thinking class suddenly begin to emerge. They offer reasoned counter arguments, based not on emotion or agenda, but on common sense and scientific skepticism. They attempt to further the discussion and offer arguments from the opposite side. They are quickly dismissed at first as mere contrarians or attention-seeking rabble rousers. They are ridiculed and shunned.

Yet, these rapscallions – these troublemakers – are persistent.

Over time, an increasing number of people are listening to these skeptical ones and begin to question the original hysteria.

Many of these skeptics aren’t even denying that there may be some truth in the original claims, but they’re unwilling to accept that the “debate is over.” They continue presenting alternative arguments.

This shakes the original peril-peddlers to their core. They are stunned to find their notions being challenged.

They push back.

Battles ensue.

Eventually, reasonability begins to win the day with almost everyone, save for the hardcore doomsday set and the mainstream media. They remain steadfast, trying to convince those who have veered from the reservation that all the contradictory evidence that seemingly refutes their original assertion is actually a natural result of it (conveniently).

It is their last gasp of desperation.

Then it happens – the natural and inevitable “next step” of elite liberals who are confronted with the cold, hard reality that their assertions are without substance.

They inform those of us who don’t buy into their frenzied fairytales that we haven’t the intellectual capacity to really understand what they are trying to say – that we just aren’t smart enough to truly understand the reality of the situation.

We’re too dumb to get it.

So contends Missouri Congressman, Emanuel Cleaver. (Care to take a guess what political party he is a member of?)

The entire global warming discussion, he says, needs to be dumbed down so that we – the cerbral plebeians with no real regard for Mother Earth – can actually comprehend it.

Christopher Neefus of writes:

Americans are growing skeptical about the threat of global warming because “they don’t get” the complex information that scientists deliver, according to Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

Unless scientists can simplify their arguments to the level of newspapers that “print at the sixth grade level,” Cleaver said, the public is “going to get a headache and bail out.”

Cleaver made his comments to a panel of scientists on Capitol Hill at a hearing last Thursday of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming.

The committee was investigating the “foundation” of climate science after the Climategate scandal saw thousands of damaging e-mails leaked from scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit.

“I think the newspapers are supposed to be printed at the sixth grade level and I think with something as important as (global warming), we’ve got to figure out how to simplify the language for the public, because otherwise they’re going to get a headache and bail out because they — not because they’re not concerned, but because they don’t get it.”

It’s us.

It’s always us.

Ask any liberal and he or she will tell you so.

Everey facet of this society – from supermarket flyers to television commercials, from movies and songs to sermons in houses of worship, from billboards and magazines to school ciricullae – has been inundated with nonstop “climate change” gobbledygook for nearly two decades. With every turn, every step, every blink of an eye, we are bombarded with “global warming” this and “save the planet” that. It simply isn’t plausible to believe that every bit of “global warming” propaganda that has deluged our senses for the last twenty years or more is all so intellectually advanced and complex that we just don’t get it – unless you’re a liberal, of course.

In that case, there hasn’t been enough done.

That’s the way it is with all of liberalism. If something doesn’t work, do more of it.

It defies all logic to believe that twenty-plus years of constant “go green” rhetoric, carbon footprint yammerings, melting iceberg warnings, disappearing polar bear cacklings, rising sea level talk, and every other nugget of “global warming” hysteria that has pummeled us like a thousand runaway freight trains barreling downhill has been so scholarly and cerebral that it has all gone over our heads.

That, dear friends, is elitism at its very core. (Feel free to substitute “elitism” with “liberalism,” if you like).

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