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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 10, 2010

Elena Kagan

From the “Are You Surprised?” file …

Indeed, there won’t be much need for me – or anyone else for that matter – to spend a whole lot of time on Barack Obama’s latest Supreme Court nomination, Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

Why bother?

She doesn’t have nearly the ideological baggage that President Obama’s previous nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, had, yet recall how easily Sotomayor was confirmed by the Senate. Recall that despite saying she hoped to make better decisions as a Latina than a white man, Sotomayor sailed through.  Despite asserting that the Constitution of the United States does not protect the right to keep and bear arms against infringement by state and local governments, Sotomayor passed muster. Despite admitting that racial statistics are more important to her than merit, Sotomayor got the gig.

Kagan is a shoo-in.

But for the record – for those who came in after the opening credits – let me be clear: Elena Kagan is a liberal

Shocked, are you?

Oh sure, she’s a charmer. She’s endeared herself to many right-of-center. But make no mistake, she’s got her tootsies formly planted on the left.

True, Kagan’s never been a judge – which conveniently means there will be no judicial paper trail to dissect – but seeing as she pushed to keep military recruiters off of the Harvard Law School campus when she was the dean pretty much says everything you need to know about where she’s coming from.  To her, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was – and still is – a moral injustice of the first order. I think she used the word “repugnant.”

Fox News reports: “Democrats … may like that Kagan is known for her ability to coalesce opposing sides and the fact that when she worked for President Clinton, she successfully negotiated with Republican Senator John McCain (AZ) for federal authority to control the sale of cigarettes.”

This will afford the mainstream media the opportunity to portray Kagan as a moderate, middle-of-the-road, seeing-all-sides, open-minded breath of fresh air. The phrase “consensus builder” will be a big one over the next several weeks.

Of course, getting John McCain to successfully “negotiate” with Democrats is like getting a child to eat cookies for supper.

There will be much said about Kagan over the ensuing days and weeks. Her name will be all over the news for a while … and, unfortunately, unless it is discovered that she regularly used non-biodegradable paper bags at the supermarket instead of reusable green-friendly carry sacks, she will be become Barack Obama’s second Supreme Court nominee to hit the bench.

Besides, Kagan adores barack Obama. She is enamored with all of the “rock star qualities he has.” She is mezmerized by “the eloquence, the magnitism, the great looks, the brilliance” of Barack Obama.

And Barack Obama loves being adored.

It’s a match made in heaven … or at the Waffle House.

The lesson?

Elections matter.

If President McCain was the one making the nomination today, you can rest assured that the Leftocrat blogosphere would be in red-alert conniption mode . 

If only it were so.

There is no legacy for a President of the United States as critical – or far reaching – as who he or she nominates to the Supreme Court.

Elections really matter.

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