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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 7, 2010

If you find yourself anywhere near the Hillegas Road overpass on Interstate 69 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you might consider taking a moment or two to take in a billboard that is causing quite a stir in and around the Summit City.

It’s difficult to miss.

Its bright yellow background is almost enough to require UV blocking protective eye gear for motorists.

Its message is even more conspicuous.

Let’s say that whoever is renting the space isn’t going to be attending any Barack Obama fan club functions any time soon.

The “trickle-up poverty” line is good, but the “hoax and chains” pun is priceless.

Well done.

Someone needs to take an “attaboy” out of petty cash.

And no, I don’t think Barack Obama looks like he’s raising his arm in a Nazi salute.

Come on . . .stop that.


There was also some talk that a display featuring a motorized replica of Barack Obama walking across the Maumee River, only to eventually collapse into the water (symbolizing the continuing downward spiral of the Democrat Party) was to be erected sometime before June in Headwaters Park.

The idea was scrapped when it was realized that such a thing could only be done once.

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