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Posted by Andrew Roman on May 4, 2010

Did you know that “weed prohibition was Talibanesque?”

It’s one of those truths of life you discover when observing communists, socialists, Marxists and assorted dope-smoking revolutionaries-in-training getting together to protest something – as happened in New York City this past weekend.

The connection between the illegality of marijuana and the murderous regime who gave safe haven to the terrorist organization responsible for the 9/11 attacks, admittedly, escapes me, but I have never claimed to be able to negotiate the narrow roadways of nuance like my friends who live on the left.

Still, it was an instructive Saturday in the Big Apple.

For instance, were you aware that Apartheid is a crime in both Arizona and Palestine?

That’s right … in the nation of Palestine.

I’m quite sure that the person who came up with that catchy little chestnut is already being scouted by the Obama Administration as a top level appointee to the DCSC (Department of Catchphrases, Slogans and Crapola). He or she is probably considered the Che Guevara – or Sean Penn – of his or her little group of dissatisfied-with-everything malcontents.

Indeed, Manhattan was the scene of May Day demonstrations on Saturday – as it is every year. This year, however, there was an added dimension – a nifty little twist – in the wake of the passage of Arizona’s new illegal alien law. The typical leftist “workers unite” ishkabibble was deliciously complemented by a host of immigration hyperbole and “citizenship now” embroidery. It was a gathering made complete with signage, tie-dye t-shirts, swastikas, hammers and sickles, buttons, sandals with unwashed toes sticking out of them, Mexican flags, Soviet flags, a ton of “save” something posters, and a slew of anti-capitalism banners.

To their credit, mostly everything was spelled correctly.

It felt a little like something was missing without the “Bush Lied, People Died” signs that had become such a staple during the golden age of post-Vietnam protests – the Bush years – when dissent was still awesome and patriotic, but it was still a day to barely remember. (I’m a sentimentalist, I suppose).

For those who could not attend – and for those who did not see any of the photos from the event – I am here to give you the happy recap, as the late great Bob Murphy used to say.

Had you been there, you’d have seen white kids in Rastafarian gear; young people looking like they just walked off the set of “Woodstock – The Mini Series”; unkempt Che Guevara love children; folks wrapped up in Mexican flags; aging hippies looking to validate the years they wasted being wasted; fist-pumping, peace symbol-wearing John Lennon spawns; American flags with Barack Obama’s likeness superimposed on them; barefooted tree huggers and assorted enviro-fascists in recycled paper shirts; and various people of color carrying signs that read, “I Might Be Illegal, but I’m Not A Criminal.”

In one particularly boisterous corner of the gathering was a huge “No Human Being Is Illegal” poster (several of them, in fact) flanked by a “Full Citizenship For All Immigrants” banner.

Such coherence. Such deep thinkers.

The entire scene was somewhat reminiscent of Christmas – save for the religion, good tidings, cordiality, selflessness and cheer. In terms of color, however, it was quite festive. Saturday, in fact, was all about the red and green.

Soviet flags and Nazi symbolism comprised much of the “red,” while “Save The Planet From (fill in the blank)” signs – along with Green Party USA posters – peppered the crowd with “green.” It was a civil union of retro-commies and modern day enviro-fascists.

It was one big giant watermelon of peace and awareness.

The only thing missing were the five-story banners of Lenin, Mark and Stalin hanging from the buildings. There were, however, a host of Barack Obama pictures flapping around to compensate for it, so all was not lost.

There were the predictable “Tax The Rich” proclamations, signs about uniting the workers of the world, and even one poster that read, “Defend China, Vietnam, North Korea and Cuba against imperialism and capitalist counter revolution.”

Leftists are cute when they try to be relevant.

The irony, of course, is that none of these folks would ever be able to carry such signs in countries like China and North Korea without the fear of being rounded up and hauled away.

And if you had never been afforded the opportunity to see a Star of David with a Soviet-style hammer and sickle in the middle of it, you really needed to be in Manhattan on Saturday. It would have been a real treat.

All in all, the whole thing was nauseatingly adorable, in a “Look, Great-Grandpa Al is using the toilet all by himself!” kind of way – and it didn’t change one person’s mind who supports the Arizona illegal immigration law.

(That’s about 70% of all Americans, incidentally).

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