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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 26, 2010

There’s an important point to be made regarding the “drawing of the Prophet Mohammed” discussions taking place all over cyberspace in recent days.

Ever since the artistically-courageous Comedy Central television network decided it was best to assume the role of coward by censoring an episode of South Park depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammed in cartoon form – something that is strictly forbidden, according to many Muslims – the topic has been as hot as Al Gore’s twisted perception of the earth’s climate.

Comedy Central’s grab-the-ankles move was motivated only by cowardice. Nothing else. It had nothing to do with sensitivity.

They got scared.

The fact is, even if one hundred thousand devout Christians protested in the streets against a  South Park episode portraying Jesus in a less than favorable light, no one at the drawing boards would worry about violent retribution from a vengeful gang of Christ followers.

Even a Seattle artist, Molly Norris, who initially won my respect by creating a clever campaign called “Everybody Draw Muhamned Day,” has done an about-face, tucking her once audacious tail back between her legs and scurrying back to her den of political correctness and sick submission. On her website, she wrote: “I am NOT involved in “Everybody Draw Mohammd [sic] Day!”

Such courage.

Such fortitude.

I suppose fearing an IED blast from under your chair at Starbucks is sufficiently motivating.

Indeed, submerging a crucifix in a container of urine can pass for thought-provoking, bold social commentary – while, most importantly, striking no fear whatsoever in the heart of any artist who wishes to desecrate Christ in such a way – but daring to portray Mohammed in picture form (something that was done in the Middle Ages, incidentally) is a cataclysmic no-no.


So be it.

Miss Tammy at the great Weasel Zippers blog wrote: “May she enjoy her dhimmitude.”


The obvious point to be made here is that there is no danger of a band of knife-wielding rabbis storming the offices of a publication that depicts Moses or Isaiah in a funny hat wearing a bathrobe. There will be no ax-brandishing gang of Jesus-loving extremists busting down the door of a television production facility that creates a cartoon of a mellow, perhaps-high, Jesus Christ working in a record store in Rhode Island – like on The Family Guy, for instance.

The larger, more relevant point to make here is that only in Islam do practitioners expect non-believers to adhere to their beliefs at the risk of a violent backlash (see Theo Van Gogh).

First of all, why is it necessary for non-Muslims to have to keep from depicting Muhammed in art form if they don’t believe he is a prophet? Isn’t that akin to Jews demanding that non-Jews avoid bacon because they keep kosher? Or threatening violence if gentiles mix milk and meat? Isn’t that as ridiculous a proposition as insisting that non-Christians wear a cross around their necks or else risk getting blown up?

Second, why do non-Muslims call Muhammed the “Prophet” when, to them, he isn’t one? I don’t hear a lot of Muslims calling Jesus “The Savior, Jesus.”

The sad irony is that the very thing “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” was supposed to address – namely, the outrageousness of death threats aimed at people who draw Mohammed – is what caused Norris to turn-tail.

Norris was certainly not equipped to be the “leader” of such a movement. She simply had a good idea that caught on, and then got scared when it got “too real” for her. This really isn’t intended as an indictment on her. Rather, this is slice to the throat of those who continue to tow the ever-fracturing line of moral relativism.

I am confident that the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” will now take on a life of its own.

Mark it down on your calender.

It’s May 20th.


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3 Responses to “BEND OVER … ISLAM COMING”

  1. lwdewhirst said

    Now it’s time to draw the “Not-Mohammed”
    Everywhere…think of the possibilities….
    The first Not-Mohammed is at

  2. Mevyn Charles said

    The Quran and the Bible have clarified the Muhammad/Jesus battle when the Quran confirms that the Messiah was not crucified and his name was not Jesus, and the Bible agrees that the Messiah was not crucified and his name was not Jesus and clearly shows two thieves being named “Jesus” by the Roman Governor who crucified the two Jesus-thieves after he set his beloved Messiah free.
    Muslims and Christians have missed the Message of the Quran and Christians have fallen for the trick of the crucifixion while Muslims confuse their Islam with the trick of the Bible.
    Muhammad and Isa al Masih ibn Mariam were both devoted messengers of Allah and the Quran is the Most Powerful Scripture on the Planet and Muhammad and Isa were mere mortals who would have had to depend on the Quran and Allah were they alive today.
    Muslims and Christians should check their knowledge with The Age Of Reason by M A Raheem and Mervyn C Charles.

  3. rrrrr said

    u bastards!!!

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