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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 25, 2010

Many folks in my age group – born from, say, the mid-60s through the early 70s – remember the original Electric Company program. Folks like Rita Moreno, Morgan Freeman and Bill Cosby were among those celebrities involved in the original series (although Freeman was unknown at the time). Indeed, I was an avid viewer while still in my single digits.

There were a host of talented artists and song writers who contributed sketches and songs to the program.

Like many of the television theme songs we all grew up with – not to mention endless songs on AM radio – it is difficult to shake a lot of the musical sequences from the show.

They linger.

Many of you will remember this one – a particular favorite of my wife and me (and yes, my teenage daughters, too, whom we made watch some of these bits) – written by Tom Lehrer.

The L-Y song.


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