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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 22, 2010

Remember when the President redefined the word “earmark” so that he could look back at the American people and say (in that smooth-as-Ex-Lax community-organizing way of his): “There are no earmarks in this bill”?

Remember when the President said he would be giving tax cuts to 95% of the American people (without actually cutting a single tax rate, mind you) when all he was actually doing was siphoning money from the wealthiest Americans and redistributing it?

Remember when this was going to be the most transparent administration in history?

Remember blah, blah, blah, yadda-yadda, ishkabibble, do-re-me?

In Barack Obama’s world, there are no parameters, no guidelines, and no standards that he does not define. He creates the rules as he goes along. He sets the terms of the game.

It is the liberal way.

Nothing is bigger than he. America’s future is endowed by its Obama.

If, for instance, he needs to say that health care costs will be magically cheaper for everyone by adding thirty million people to the insurance rolls without increasing the pool of doctors, BOOM! It is suddenly so.

If it suits him to say that the science behind global warming is settled, SHAZAM! It is settled.

He says it, so it is truth.

Take the Bush tax cuts, for instance.

Barack Obama, in a CNBC interview, said that America cannot afford to keep the Bush tax cuts in tact. He says that it is “perfectly fair” to return to the tax rates of the Clinton era. (See the video here, via the great Freedom’s Lighthouse blog)

No matter how you slice it, by definition, that is a tax hike.

Of course, Barack Obama will not look at it that way. He is simply allowing the rates to return to what they once were.

The fact is, tax rates will increase with Barack Obama at the helm. It doesn’t make a difference if those tax hikes are the result of new legislation enactment or allowing previous legislation to lapse. Tax rates will go up with Barack Obama steering the ship. He can shape it, explain it, rationalize it, justify it and manipulate it any way he pleases, but the bottom line is: Letting the Bush tax cuts lapse is, definitionally, a tax increase.

Of course, according to Obama, this action would only affect the “rich” – defined by the Annointed One as anyone making over $250,000 a year. They would see their Bush-era tax cuts lapse, because the President has decided that they can afford it.

The “rich” make enough money.

How can Barack Obama say that it is “perfectly fair” to return to Clinton-era tax rates when not everyone will be doing so? What is “fair” about it? Why is it that those who are the most successful – the ones who, in many cases actually put the rest of us to work – are being singled out? How is this good for America?

It’s Obama-style fairness: the push for equality, liberalism’s most important value. In Obamistan, it’s always best to bring those who are at the top down than to encourage people and create incentives for those at the bottom to go up.

In his CNBC interview, the President also said that 98% of “workin’ families” got “tax cuts.”


What tax cuts are these?

Does he mean the money sucked from the “rich” and redistributed to “workin’ families” to the tune of eight dollars a month?

Is he kidding?

Those are not tax cuts … but because he says they are, tax cuts they shall be.

The Congressional Budget Office officially scores those “cuts” (i.e., refundable credits) under “direct spending.”

When the President said, “I don’t think we can afford it,” it would have been nice if the “journalist” interviewing him would have followed up with, “You mean, like the bailouts and health care reform?”

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