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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 19, 2010

Our President

I thought Barack Obama was going to be the “Diplomacy President.”

I understand that erupting volcanoes can be a royal pain in the rump – particularly when the resulting plume of ash is effectively blanketing the entire European continent. And I understand that I, as a relatively unimportant, everyday-joe, pick-up-my-coffee-at-7-11 kind of guy, have no real concept of the rigors and demands that come with being the American president. Furthermore, I “get” that even the most powerful man in the world needs some time to extricate himself from the pressures and stresses of the job.

(See how I set that up so nicely?)

I also understand that common courtesy is something that seems to elude the young, strapping Chicago meterosexual occupying the White House – that is, unless you count bowing to foreign heads of state and insulting Americans who listen to Rush Limbaugh common courtesy.

Indeed, it was Mother Nature who helped the powers-that-be decide that President Obama could not fly to Poland to attend the funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, who was killed, along with his wife, Maria, and a slew of top Polish government officials, in a tragic plane crash nine days ago. 

It goes without saying that Poland – a staunch ally of the United States – is in deep mourning.

Yet, with most of Europe still under a volcanic cloud, thanks to Iceland’s second major volcanic eruption in a month, the decision was made to cancel Obama’s trip there.

In principle, I have no problem with that. If that’s how it had to be, then so be it.

That ultimate decision, presumably, was up to the pilot and his crew.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also canceled due to the volcanic cloud.

Meanwhile, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev somehow made it from Moscow by plane, as did Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

With Obama’s cancellation, Sunday, it turned out, was a free day for him.

With nothing but a blank itinerary – and no new Rush Limbaugh programs to worry about for another twenty-four hours – the President decided that the best thing for a hard-working, over-worked, socialist-light Chief Executive to do was hit the links.

After all, since he would not going to the funeral anyway – and ultimately saving American’s critical tax dollars – what else was there for the man with the highest profile on planet earth to do?

Besides, the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, along with the Vice-Buffoon, Joe Biden, already visited the Polish embassy to sign the book of condolences. Thus, by default, it was entirely unnecessary for the President of the United States to bother doing it himself.

Why waste what could be valuable time on the golf course giving a strong ally like Poland the common courtesy of personally acknowledging the death of their President?

Again, Sarkozy and Merkel cancelled their scheduled visits as well, but the Warsaw Business Journal commented that “there was no word as to whether they too had taken to the links.”

Good line.

I understand it wasn’t Hugo Chavez or Kim-Jong-il who was killed, but the President should have at least made some sort of effort to personally offer his condolences on what was an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon, don’t you think?

He could have at least ordered the weekend staff at the Polish embassy a pizza, or hired some illegals to bring them a hand-written note saying, “Sorry your President died. Love, BHO.”

Poland is a friend to the United States.

They grieve.

A cancelled plane trip does not alleviate the moral responsibility of this president to recognize that fact.

The entire world saw our President playing golf while Poland buried its President.

The Polish embassy is less than three miles from the White House. Seeing as he couldn’t attend the funeral, he could have done the next best thing – the right thing – by taking a quick  jaunt up Connectucut Avenue to Florida Avenue to 16th Street to offer the Polish people his condolences. It would have been the classy move.

And it wouldn’t have taken very long at all. It wouldn’t have cut into his precious Sunday off. He would have been on his way to the golf course quicker than he could say , “I will be president of all the American people.”

It would have been the presidential thing to do.

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  1. proof said

    President Obama: No class, all of the time!

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