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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 15, 2010

I understand that this is really an irrelevant point in the grand scheme of things. I “get” that there are an endless string of far more germane Obamacratic happenings that I could (and should) be spending my time analyzing and criticizing.

But I’m having a very difficult time keeping my disdain in check.

Or maybe I’m just in one of those nitpicky everything-Obama-does-pisses-me-off frames of mind.


Either way, I find this sort of thing so incredibly annoying … and profoundly unpresidential.

And while it is absolutely true that we have a President who exudes weakness to our enemies, turns a cold shoulder to our allies, has contempt for the free market, and believes that only government has the unique ability to solve problems (and should involve itself in every facet of American life), I find myself focusing on something entirely peripheral here. I find myself directing my attention toward the President’s propensity to speak like he’s chillin’ in front of the neighborhood bodega with his crew.

This bugs me.

This is my “fingers on a chalk board” moment.

Drew M., a regular blogger at the great Ace of Spades blog, posted a piece about the President and NASA, which is a good read in and of itself. As an aside, he wrote:

…(Obama) mentioned that Buzz Aldrin is ‘in the house’. Let me just say, I’m sick and tired of the President of the United States treating events as if they are comedy shows. “In the house” is a juvenile expression and simply an unworthy way to refer to these types of events.

Amen, brother.

“In the house?”

Is he kidding me?

What is this? The Astronaut Def Jam?

Was Joe Biden behind Obama with a turntable and headphones scratching out house beats, too?

When I read that, I had to peruse the transcript of the President’s comments today to see if I could come across any “Word to your mother” references, or “Yo, Buzz Dog” throw-ins.

Why doesn’t Barack Obama just break out his ATM card and use the corner of it as a toothpick ? Or stick his hands in his pants to adjust his shorts? Maybe a little gas passing at the podium with the microphone on could be added to the list of things Obama has done to make himself appear more like “one of us.”

This is his narcissism on grand display.

Everything is about him and how he is perceived. He doesn’t give a rat’s nostril about the Office of the Presidency. Whereas Ronald Reagan would never enter the Oval Office without wearing a tie, out of respect, Barack Obama kicks back and throws his shoes on the HMS Resolute desk.

The pomp and circumstance surrounding the office are annoyances to him. The traditions and customs associated with being Chief Exceutive are nothing but symbolic throwbacks to a darker and more hateful time.

Maybe he can get Wanda Sykes back to the White House for some of those cutting-edge comedy stylings. There are still some conservatives she hasn’t wished dead yet.

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  1. […] not to share.  Andrew, at Roman Around, has a way with words that I covet and admire.  He vents here on the narcissist-in-chief and his […]

  2. Andrew, I just love this post! I disagree however; it’s not irrelevant at all. It is reflective on the man’s character, or rather the lack thereof, and therefore highly relevant. Whomever becomes the next president of the United States, if I have only one wish to be granted, is that they have character. A moral core.

    You made me laugh too with this, and that’s always good. Have a great weekend!

    • Andrew Roman said

      Conservative Pup,

      Actually, you are absolutely correct. It is relevant. Character matters, despite what the leftist fortune cookies say.

      Anytime I can make someone laugh, it’s certainly worth it. I appreciate your very kind words.

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