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Posted by Andrew Roman on April 13, 2010

He’s actually done it better before. There’s been a noticeable deterioration in his form since he presented the top of his head to Saudi royalty last year.

That was his finest hour.

Since then, he’s lagged a bit.

His performance for the Emperor of Japan, for example, was a bit fractured and forced; and for Pam Iorio, Mayor of Tampa, Florida, he seemed to be going through the motions.

He’s lost something.

I don’t know if it comes down to complacency, or simply a lack of practice, but President Obama doesn’t seem to be in touch with his submissive side as he once was. He just doesn’t acquiesce and exude weakness with the same verve and vigor he did in the early days of the Messianic Age.

He just doesn’t bow like he used to.

For those of the Kumbaya ilk, it’s understandibly troubling.

Don’t get me wrong. Those of us on the thinking end of the spectrum still understand that this President is the undisputed poster child for the new age of American weakness and appeasement. His policies are still a case study in how to relinquish superpower status without really trying.

But with his latest bow – this time to the Communist Chinese President – he seems to have some of the subservience that has defined him.

Frankly, it was a painfully weak bow – almost as if he wasn’t sure if he was going to go through with it. It was like he suddenly forgot how to peddle a bicycle, but remembered in the nick of time, just before he hit the mailbox.

It just didn’t have the same emasculating feel the bow to the Suadi king had.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to embarrass your country (and yourself) by portraying utter submissiveness to a ChiCom, make it count. Bend all the way over. Let the Communist get a good look at those follicles. Offer to tongue-clean his shoes while you’re there. Get those babies as clear as glass by buffing them with an American flag.

Bammy’s definitely lost a step.

When a bonafide knee-pad leftist can’t even bend over and grab the ankles properly in the presence of a commie, you have to wonder what the world is coming to.

Now, THAT'S a bow

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