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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 22, 2010

I came across this picture at the great Weasel Zippers blog.

It isn’t a particularly earth-shattering photo, as you can see. It certainly won’t win any Pulitzer Prizes (although it may earn President Obama another Nobel Prize for an accomplishment to be named later).

Just a couple of raging libs out for a walk.

However, I am including it here because, at first glance, it struck me as a touch odd.

I assure you, my intention is not poke fun at anyone or hurl unwarranted insults at two amazingly easy targets.

(Is there such a thing as an unwarranted Obama insult?)

I wonder … Am I the only one who thinks Hillary Clinton looks as if she is about to give birth? Or maybe trying to sneak a small ham out of the A&P?

And doesn’t Barack Obama look as if he’s got bad cramps?

Or that he might have been on the receiving end of a steel-top boot to the jewels?

These are the things I notice when Democrats try to destroy my country.

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  1. proof said

    Michelle’s looking a little pale!

  2. proof said

    And who stole their shoes???

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