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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 21, 2010

A few moments ago, Congressman Bart Stupak, Democrat from Michigan – the man who confirms for the thinking world that the words “pro-life Democrat” have absolutely no meaning in real life – announced he was throwing in with the rest of the Capitol Hill socialists by voting “yes” for ObamaCare.

God help us all.

Daniel Foster at National Review’s Corner writes:

The agreement comes in the form of an executive order from President Obama promising that the Hyde Amendment restrictions on the federal funding of abortion will extend to the current health-care bill.

Text of the White House executive order is here.

So, the President now has the authority to nullify legislation – or portions of it – simply by signing an Executive Order? Because he feels like it? Because it suits him? So that he can broker shady deals?

Where in the Constitution is that little nugget?


Simply unbelievable.

In case there was any confusion, behold the blessings of tyranny.


2 Responses to “SOLD!”

  1. sasoc said

    Bring on the onslaught of lawsuits, and bring on an 80% Republican majority in both houses this November.

  2. proof said

    Not really wanting to make fun of a person’s name, but another “stu” word comes to mind!

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