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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 20, 2010

New York City’s largest public employee union is DC37 – AFSCME/AFL-CIO.

On Thursday, an e-mail was sent out to city employees from the President of AFSCME International, Gerald W. McEntee.

For any of you who may still be grasping to the antediluvian fantasy that unions are all about fair and just working conditions for its members – and not about politics – a few choice lines from this mass mailer might help:

This is the week we’ve been waiting for — the week when members of the House of Representatives choose to stand with us or the insurance companies.

The insurance industry operatives and Republican talking heads you see on cable TV say we need to start over and spend another year — or another decade — before we pass reform. They twist the facts to say that the public opposes reform, but what the public really opposes are attempts to water down or kill reform to keep the insurance companies happy.

Yes, Mr. McEntee has us all pegged.

We the “public” are tired of having Obama’s reforms “watered down” and “twisted” by uncaring, profit-hungry, big-insurance fat cats.

It all makes sense now. It’s all falling into place.

It was also an eye-opener learning that “operatives” from insurance companies, along with “Republican talking heads,” are responsible for this rampant fact-twisting of Obama’s America-saving initiative.

Clever cusses, all of them.

Who, pray tell, are these “operatives” and what are they doing to “twist” things exactly? Reading the bill?

Have you seen them anywhere in the mainstream media? Are they out in the open manipulating the above-board and transparent attempts by Obamacrats to do what’s best for a deteriorating American population deprived of basic health services? Do these “operatives” have uniforms? Can they cook?

Did you also know that those who don’t vote to have their health care taken over by an entity that has been a miserable failure at running Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security will be “standing with the insurance companies“?

(That’s meant as a pejorative).

I’m sorry, but aren’t insurance companies part of a legitimate, free-enterprise industry entitled to make profits like any other – like “big education?” Or “big media?”

Did you know that the government turns down more claims, in terms of percentage, than every private insurance company in America?

AFSCME members like you are fighting the good fight and have been a critical voice for the past year in the health insurance reform debate. Together, we’ve made literally tens of thousands of phone calls and sent even more emails to our senators and representatives. The insurance industry has deep pockets and is doing all it can to kill reform — but we won’t let them win. This is our moment.

The bill that the House will soon vote on would end the ability of insurance companies to deny coverage to those who have pre-existing conditions — or deny coverage when you get sick. It would require insurance companies to pay for preventive care. It would also allow parents to keep their unemployed children on their policies until they turn 26. And it would end taxpayer funded subsidies to Big Insurance.

Are they out of their ever-lovin’ minds?

Why on earth would I – or anyone who wishes to use their basement or spare bedroom for anything other than supporting a child four years away from thirty years old – want my adult offspring to be on my insurance policy?

Where in hell does the government get the right to tell insurance companies how they can insure and whom they can insure?

The historic nature of this moment cannot be overstated. The opportunity to end insurance company abuses is a moment for which we have worked long and hard. It is a vote that will affect our children, and their children. Please take a moment now to contact your member of Congress. Tell him/her the time has come to stand up to the insurance companies. The time has come to pass health care reform.

The closing salutation reads: “In solidarity.”


But don’t get the idea that unions are in any way political.  That’s crazy talk.

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  1. Elray said

    Yes I was in a bit of a debate with a union website the other day, they do not want to discuss facts, but of course no LIBERALS ever do because all they have is emotion and class warfare. They are the truly greedy and they can’t stand capitalism.
    What is so hard about understanding if we had better tax rates companies would be glad to stay here and pay people more because they would be earning more.
    They hate Reagan and America that’s all there is to it.

    Nice site I’m trying to set one up. I saw your Townhall page and commented there as well.

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