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Posted by Andrew Roman on March 5, 2010

Yesterday, at the University of Washington, students representing the Socialist Workers Party held a protest against budget cuts at the school.

Like their college campus ancestors, they took to the greens and waved banners.

Among the litany of catchy slogans employed yesterday was this little gem: “Who’s Schools? Our Schools.”

Yes, students were actually carrying signs that read, ” Who’s Schools? Our Schools.”

The irony is both delicious and incalculable.

Sadly, the young Marxists may be right. Perhaps more money needs to be funneled into the English department. Or maybe these young people just need to sit in on English class a little more often.

Either way, here’s a quick lesson from your old Uncle Andy to all of you Socialist Workers Party kids out there: Written with an apostrophe “s,” the sign would actually be saying “Who is Schools? Our Schools.”

Of course, that doesn’t make a lot of sense, depending on how much ecstasy you’ve taken.

The correct spelling of the word is “whose, ” which is the possessive of “who.” In this context, you would use the word “whose” to ask the question: “The school belonging to whom?”

Note that the little darlings attempted to correct their mistakes by hand scribbling an “e” at the end.

Fortunately, as you can see, no apostrophes were harmed in the rewrites.


This photo comes from Gateway Pundit, via Weasel Zipper. It’s one of those “gifts” that make blogging a whole lot of fun.
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  1. failbLOLg said

    “Of course, that doesn’t make alot of sense, depending on how much ecstasy you’ve taken.”


    Never correct someone else’s English on the internet. The first thing I saw was the use of the made up word “alot”.

    I’m not saying that I disagree with you. I’m just saying to check your own grammar before telling other people to sit in on English class. I’m sure that I’ve made some mistakes in this comment post but I’m writing a comment and not trying to make fun of anyone. Just pointing out an ironic error.

    • Andrew Roman said

      You are, of course, correct. However, my error is in that I did not hit the space bar when typing “alot” – not that I believe the spelling of “alot” is correct. You will have to take my word for the fact that I am aware that the correct spelling is “a lot.”

      Rather than just correct the spelling and go along my merry way without posting your comments, I openly thank you for spotting the error. Indeed, the irony is not lost on me.

      And yes … I did make the correction. 🙂

  2. Myles said

    The Marxists obviously know the correct spelling of ‘whose’ or they would not have corrected it. And while im sure that you do know the correct spelling of ‘a lot’ a search of ‘alot’ on your page has uncovered a few more instances where you made the same mistake.

    • Andrew Roman said

      Typing errors, such as not inserting a space between “a” and “lot” are not necessarily singular occurances. For me, it is admittedly a bad habit. I type fast.

      I respect and appreciate your attempt to “get me.”

      I also have a tendency to miss capitalizing my “b”s when typing fast, for whatever reason, missing apostrophes regularly, and flipping “i” before “e”. Indeed, I do my very best to edit and correct, but my humanity often keeps me from being perfect.

      So what?

      This wasn’t an indictment on spelling and grammatical misstakes students in English class make. This isn’t about the inevitable errors that almost everyone is prone to.

      Surely, you understand that.

      And the Marxists obviously did not know how to spell the word correctly, because it had to be corrected after the fact – perhaps by Marxists who actually took time to attend class.

      Typing errors caused by careless mechanics can hardly be compared to the deliberative creation of a sign, where each letter must be drawn and considered. All writers – columnists, novelists, journalists – need editors. Writing a substantive article – and missing the spacebar – is not quite the same as hand drawing a protest poster and botching a KEY word.

      None of this refutes what I wrote, incidentally, nor the fact that the irony of having self-professed young Marxists moan and groan about tuition costs on a college campus, while misspelling a word on a protest sign that literally changes the meaning of the whole damn thing, is tremendously sweet.

      Incidentally, if you’d like to continue scanning through my blog for other mistakes, I have created an e-mail address for you to send them to. That way, you can rest assured that your keen observations of my grammatical and spelling imperfections will get focused attention.

      Please send your comments and red-penned corrections to:

      Thanks, Myles.

      P.S. – No need to point out the extra “s” in my first use of the word “misstakes.” I caught it myself.

  3. Myles said

    I really dont care about grammar or spelling very much. I think that as long as one is reasonably understood then that is sufficient. I would only bring it up because there is some irony in a grammatical mistake in a blog pointing out grammatical mistakes. And like I said, im sure that you DO know the correct spelling. Take another look at the signs that the Marxists are carrying. If they are hand drawn, as you suggest, then the makers should be given props for scrawling each letter in times new roman so perfectly(barring the corrected letters.) These signs were obviously written on a computer and printed.

    But dont worry. Im not trying to get you.Like the first commenter on this blog im not out to make fun of anyone.

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