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Posted by Andrew Roman on February 27, 2010

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… and even though the Maharishi of Manmade Global Warming and Climate Change, Professor Phil Jones, recently admitted that there has been no global warming taking place on earth over the past fifteen years – as well as conceding that there is no consensus on the matter in the scientific community – the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) says the ten year period from 2000 to 2009 was the hottest decade since records began in 1850.

The WMO, of course, is an agency of the United Nations – an organization whose worth is rivaled only by boar nipples and Joy Behar’s television program.

Keep in mind, another UN body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has already shown that their inscrutable methods of data collection – which include anecdotal tidbits from magazine articles, propaganda literature from environmental pressure groups, and manipulated temperature reading – are not exactly the most scientific.

Did you also know that last month was the hottest January “the world has ever seen.”


Donna Bowater from writes:

The remarkable claim, based on global satellite data, follows Arctic temperatures that brought snow, ice and travel chaos to millions in the UK.

At the height of the big freeze, the entire country was blanketed in snow. But Australian weather expert Professor Neville Nicholls, of Monash University in Melbourne, said yesterday: “January, according to satellite data, was the hottest January we’ve ever seen.

“Last November was the hottest November we’ve ever seen. November-January as a whole is the hottest November-January the world has seen.” Veteran ¬climatologist Professor Nicholls was speaking at an online climate change briefing, added: “It’s not warming the same everywhere but it is really quite challenging to find places that haven’t warmed in the past 50 years.”

It may be hard to believe initially, but why should it? Why should any reasonable thinking human not believe that last month was the hottest January mankind has ever seen?

Considering that all we’ve seen from the enviro-fascists over the years – and even more so since last year’s ClimateGate scandal blew the roof off of the hoax – is manipulation, ommision and deception, why would anyone ever doubt it?

We’ve seen Godless religion. We’ve seen mounting hysteria. We’ve seen the onset of green totalitarianism.

What would lead anyone to think that January wasn’t a cauldron of human activity-driven destruction?

Was it all the snow?

The record-breaking cold temperatures?

The untold amounts of greenhouse gases dancing around the atmosphere from all the limos and planes in Copenhagen during the Climate Change Summit?

Seeing as human activity is supposed to be having such a profound effect on the climate, I can’t help but wonder if we might be deep in the heart of another Ice Age right now if not for our idling pickup trucks and incandescent light bulbs.

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