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Posted by Andrew Roman on February 26, 2010

Some quick post-Health Care Summit thoughts … the morning after.

I truly wanted to avoid leveling any complaints about yesterday’s ObamaCare rap session, but after a good night’s sleep, and a clearer head, I am compelled to kvetch a bit.

First of all, why weren’t there more stories from Democrat constituents shared at yesterday’s summit? Why weren’t we regaled with more heartbreaking tales of insurance woe, like the one conveyed by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) about the woman who couldn’t afford dentures and was forced to use her dead sister’s false teeth?

Talk about captivating.

Like love bugs on the grill of my car on a Florida highway, that story has stuck with me. 

I cannot be the only one wondering if she yanked them out herself or if she had someone retrieve them for her.

Why wasn’t that part of Slaughter’s story?

There really needed to be more yarns like that.

Couldn’t someone find any harrowing tales of in-grown hair mishaps to share? Wasn’t there at least one halitosis horror story to impart from the tens of billions of letters they must have received from desperate constituents? Wasn’t there even a single testimonial about the scourge of anal fissures anywhere to be found? Surely there has to be at least one stinging bum sob story in that stack.

Second, if there are going to be any more “props” brought in to any of these summits, at least make sure they’re battery powered.

Lastly, if this summit, complete with Obama death-stares and Joe Biden open-microphone mutterings, is not released on DVD and blu ray, I will be very angry.

The fact is, President Obama took a page from the Thugs and Fools Songbook yesterday and showed why he is not only in way over his head as the Big Cheese but childishly incompetent when the pressure is on – which, these days, is all the time. He tried to bully dissenters and came across as both angry and ill-informed. He tried to accuse Republicans of playing political games when they voiced legitimate concerns about ObamaCare by quoting actual passages from the 2000-page bill – which Obama didn’t read.

It was supposed to be Obama’s day, but it wasn’t.

Not even close.

It was a good day for America, however.

Thus, like global warming, another myth is duly shattered: That Republicans are the “Party of No” and couldn’t care less about health care. The notion that Republicans have no grasp of the nation’s health care situation or are without ideas on how to deal with it has been shown to be a lie that Dems can’t use as a talking point anymore.

Ouch for them.
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  1. crosssection said

    A great article detailing how Americans feel about the healthcare proposal…not the administration…isn’t that what it is all supposed to be about???

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