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Posted by Andrew Roman on February 4, 2010

It was embarrassing enough for Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to uninvitedly get up in front of the nation and tell owners of recalled Toyota vehicles to stop driving their cars, only to come back later and recant. Indeed, it was beyond moronic for him to advise the owners of eight recalled Toyota models to take their cars off the road until their accelerator pedals could be looked at, only to reappear hours later and explain that he really didn’t mean what he said. LaHood’s big mouth did nothing more than throw a monkey wrench into an already troubling situation.

But that’s okay. He’s from the government, and he was only here to help.

Of course, opening his mouth and letting out a whole lot of jackass is not the real issue here.

The issue – as always – is the demonstrable inability of Obama-style, big government to stay out of the way of its citizenry.

This Toyota recall is a private sector issue being handled by the company itself – as it ought to be. The company will adhere to the rules of the free market system by making its corrections, withstanding any financially losses that will inevitably come (if they can), and winning the trust of the public by coming back with a better product. It’s how free enterprise works.

This is not a government problem.

Besides, who in hell is Ray LaHood to open up his pie hole about a situation he clearly knows nothing about and confuse the hell out of everybody?

Because he’s the Transportation Secretary?

So what? Who gives a raccoon’s nipple?

All Mr. LaHood did was create a serious uproar and send a whole bunch of Toyota owners into a state of befuddlement and frustration before realizing that the taste of feet on his tongue is rather unpleasant.

Was it necessary for the Secretary of the Transportation Department – which serves “the United States by ensuring a fast, safe, efficient, accessible and convenient transportation system that meets our vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people, today and into the future” – to come out publicly and tell drivers what to do with their own cars? Is there a “grease monkey” clause in the DOT mission satement I missed? Without LaHood, would American Toyota drivers have neglected following up on their recall notices? Would they not have known to be careful but for the grace of the federal government telling them to?

This nanny-state mentality does no one any good.

It is a perfect illustration of how government intervention into private sector matters causes more problems than it solves.

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  1. Ongoing Toyota recalls will be doing so much harm to their brand equity. more than 2 million autos in the US to rectify sticking gas pedals. 4.2 million motorcars in the US to correct pedals getting lodged under floor mats. 690,000 autos in China owing to defective electrical window switches. Toyota managers on Television to apologise for recall and still the press highlight issues as the company gets more pestered. I question how much brand value this has cost the company.

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