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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 28, 2010

What kind of country does the President think we live in? To hear it from him, this is a nation of downtrodden, destitute bread-liners, without anything to look forward to except a benevolent government with a bosom warm enough to shelter them and a nipple large enough to feed them.

To listen to this arrogant disconnected President, one could only come to the conclusion that America is a tapestry of maltreated, exploited, disenfranchised victims.

I’ve got news for him: America is not a third world country. She is not a desperate nation attempting to feed a starving population. She hasn’t an antiquated infrastructure, nor is she saddled with nineteenth century medical care. We are not a nation in need of “hope.” I am sick of his depiction of the United States as a population of browbeaten, dejected weak-kneed whiners.

America can’t handle tough times, according to our President. We aren’t capable of toughing out whatever economic troubles are at hand. Instead, Bam is more than willing to spend unprecedented amounts of money that simply doesn’t exist to try and make it all okay now. He’s content to siphon more taxes from productive Americans as well as increase the burdens of future Americans – most of whom are yet unborn – so that this poor-little-baby generation can feel better today.

Since when has that ever been what America is all about?

I resent that my President has such a low regard for the American people. I despise the message he projects.

This isn’t a country of sad sack drifters and subjegated bread-crust collectors, as Bammy makes it sound. Rather, this is a nation of fed-up citizens who recognize that the coming of the Messianic Age has been an assault on their liberties and sensibilities. This is a nation that does not accept the notion that America’s salve and bandage is ever-expanding, cloak-and-dagger government. This is a nation tired of hearing about how the party in power knows better then they do.

Face it, the President’s performance last night was inelegant, priggish, and sounded like a metal wire might have been stabbing him in the crotch as he spoke. He seemed testy and sanctimonious. He was cliché-mad as he continued to speak about himself and blame President Bush for every wrong to befall the planet since taking office a year ago. He swore not to walk away from his health care reform push despite a nation that is decidedly against it. He swore not to pass on astronomical debt to future generations, despite the fact that he continues to propose hundreds of billions of dollars in expanded government initiatives. He promised the deficit would be cut, but his assumptions on what would have to happen for it to be so is more improbable than Harry Reid switching parties.

In short, he offered nothing – absolutely nothing – last night . .. except a whole lot of him.

Oh wait … and that bit about creating a debt commission.

A debt commission!

Is this the best he’s got?

The words “fox” and “henhouse” come to mind.

“Not that this administration – outside of me – has done anything to win your trust thus far, but I’m going to get a bunch of people together to put together a group of people to look into our debt situation. I can’t guarantee they’ll be tax cheats or Mao ehthusiasts, but they’ll be the very best that America has to offer.

Oh yeah, and George Bush likes to crush the necks of little, itty-bitty kittens…”

Why not just create the Department of Toto and Dorothy? It would be more productive.

The President defended every bit of failure in his first year with a whole lot of zilch, setting himself up for an equally sterile second year. For a man who said he was uninterested in relitigating the past, that’s pretty much what last night’s State of the Union was. He was painfully unpresidential and repulsively partisan. He even had the audacity to scold the Supreme Court for upholding the First Amendment.

Class act.

Last night can be summed up as Barack Obama looking with contempt upon the American people asking, “Are you folks not listening to me? Do I have to explain this all again?”

Last night, he said he wouldn’t quit.

I wish he and his whole gang of prancing Obamacrats would.

Incidentally, how much Plaster of Paris did it take to fix Nancy Pelosi’s mouth in that “I have a pain in my colon” position?

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