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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 13, 2010

President Obama, this morning

When the government of Iran slaughtered its own people on the streets of Teheran, the President of the United States said nothing. With troops on the ground in Afghanistan – and with the entire world watching to see how the United States would proceed in the “war on necessity” – the President of the United States waited … and waited … and waited. After the terrorist attack on Fort Hood, the President made sure to offer a “shout out” to a nonexistent Congressional Medal of Honor winner at the Tribal Nations Conference, as well as a bunch of thanks to various staffers, before ever mentioning the slaughter of thirteen innocents on American soil by an Islamo-facist. After the near-terrorist attack on Christmas Day, the President took three days to respond.

Not exactly stalwart leadership.

But as we’ve come to see, the President can move fast when the situation warrants it (in his mind) – maybe even faster than a “black man running from the cops,” as Georgetown Professor Michael Dyson put it.

Yesterday, for instance, it took the President only thirty-five minutes thirty-five minutes – to respond to the devastating earthquake that ravaged Haiti Tuesday. In fact, as of this writing – approximately 11:00AM, Wednesday morning – the President has just concluded public remarks about the tragedy.

He’s all over it.

This is not to say the President shouldn’t say anything. This is not to suggest that the United States should not call on its citizens to come to the aid of a nation that has been incalculably overwhelmed by such a disaster. The President, in fact, handled his response to this earthquake perfectly fine. I am of the mind that citizens of the United States must come to the assistance of fellow human beings in a time such as this. The America that President keeps apologizing for will step up, as always, and do what’s right. That’s what the American people do, despite who is in charge. That isn’t the issue.

I must ask … why does Barack Obama not treat the security of his own nation with the same seriousness and urgency that he does an earthquake? Why will he not stand up and speak out against the human evils that threaten his own country with the same fervor and assuredness he reserves for acts of nature? Why do acts of God and conservatives who defend the Constitution stir his passions more than acts of war against the United States?

Fair questions, no?

And incidentally, the word “tragedy” is the right word to use here. The President got it right. The earthquake in Haiti is a tragedy – unlike a terrorist attack, which is an act of evil. There is nothing more infuriating than hearing someone call a terrorist attack a “tragedy.”

So, okay, Mr. President … you promised “unwavering support” to the Haitian people in the aftermath of the earthquake there.


But how about showing a little “unwavering support” for your own nation?  How about convincing the American people that you are commited to defending this nation? How about not making matters of national secutiry appear like an annoyance to you? How about acting like a nearly-successful terrorist attack on American soil is actually more serious than finishing the back nine in Hawaii? How about behaving like a Commander-In-Chief?

That would be nice.
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