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Posted by Andrew Roman on January 7, 2010

From the “Here We Go Again” file …

Liberals, apparently, will only be satisfied (if even then) when every profession from every walk of life has at least the same percentages of minorities in their ranks as there are in the population at large. I say “at least,” because no one ever suggests that there are too many minorities in a given occupation. In fact, there can never be “enough” of any group except white males. For example, I’m not aware of any great push to try and get more Caucasians into professional basketball or professional football. (Nor should there be, incidentally).

And no, I am not suggesting that all occupations are race obsessed – but some certainly seem to be.

In some fields, competency and qualifications are going the way of the dinosaur and good pizza in Brooklyn. The benchmarks of capability and proficiency are being sacrificed for a perceived greater good – that is, social engineering to create a population “blend” that is ideal to the powers that be. Standards simply aren’t as relevant as skin color or ethnicity in determining which people should or should not qualify to fill slots. Indeed, there is a growing trend of lowering – or completely dropping – standards in order to encourage more minorities to apply for jobs in a given profession.

That’s where we are today.

The city of Chicago – America’s third largest – is the latest to choose “melting pot” over “best for the slot.”

Steve Bryant from NBC Chicago writes:

The Chicago Police Department is seriously considering scrapping the police entrance exam, sources tell Fran Spielman.

Dropping the exam would bolster minority hiring and avert legal battles, according to one source, while others confirm that the exam could be scrapped to open the process to as many people as possible.

However, the lack of an exam would make Chicago the lone major city without one, and experts contend that the exam is integral to eliminating unqualified applicants.

The CPD has tried in recent years to boost minority hiring by offering the police exam online and turning to minority clergy to help in the recruitment effort.

But those efforts have met with frustration. Despite seeing an increase in the number of minority applicants in 2006, the last year the exam was offered, the online component was never launched.

And as of last year, one in four patrol officers were African-American, but just one in 12 Lieutenants were of color.

Would it not be easier for the Chicago Police Department to simply issue a statement saying: “Now accepting applications from people of color whom we believe are clearly not smart enough, competent enough, or white enough to take the exam that we normally administer as a prerequisite for joining us. Please apply online. (For you people of color, that means the internet).”

Isn’t that exactly what is being said here by this boneheaded proposition?

How is my insulting hypothetical any different from what is actually being suggested?

(And while we’re at it, can we drop the term “minority” already? When is that relic going to be retired? I happen to subscribe to Viktor Frankl’s assessment of humanity – that there are really only two “races” of human being: the decent and the indecent).

And what of those “people of color” (i.e., chumps) who went through the process of becoming a Chicago police officer the right way? What about those who played by the rules?

If this disgraceful plan actually comes to fruition, anyone could then be eligible to become a Chicagoland cop.

The people of Chicago must be thrilled down to their speedos.

In fact, it may actually be cost-effective to recruit new cops from prisons, where most of the population is probably already familiar with how to handle weapons.

In fact, using the Barack Obama-Guantanamo Bay model, here’s how it could work:

First, taxes are raised to build more prisons. Building more prisons will, in turn, recruit more people into street gangs (and criminal life in general). Then, after these new criminals hit the streets and do what they do best – namely, commit crimes – many will wind up being arrested. Once these new criminals go to prison, they can then be recruited by the Chicago Police Department to become new cops – perhaps given a good recommendation by the arresting officers.


How is it no one thought of this before?

Isn’t it funny how “profiling” is horrible when used as a means to keep America safe, but is the right thing to do when attempting to tackle “social injustices?”

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