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Posted by Andrew Roman on December 21, 2009

Yes, yes.

I am acknowledging that at sometime after 1:00AM this morning, Harry Reid’s “manager’s amendment” passed in the Senate by a vote of 60-40 – right down party lines. It is the first of three procedural votes that will need to pass before the greatest health care delivery system the world has ever known is that much closer to being destroyed. It certainly was no surprise – not since Senator Ben Nelson decided that taking a coat hangar to the unborn wasn’t quite as detestable once he found out that forty-nine other states would be paying for Medicare benefits in his home state.

It looks as though things are right on schedule for a final Christmas Eve vote.

What says transparency more than casting votes in the dead of night for a bill that will raise taxes by half a trillion smackeroos over the next decade? After all, there’s nothing like having government confiscate 16% of the economy, and in the process create a sea of red tape and crippling bureaucracy that will stand between patient and doctor while simultaneously lowering the quality of care.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Ladies and Gentleman, we are arguably witnessing the greatest example of “Just Do Something” disease ever recorded by modern man.

If you aren’t sickened, you aren’t paying attention.


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