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Posted by Andrew Roman on December 16, 2009

Perhaps “Heather Has Two Mommies” would have been more appropriate, or some sort of teen magazine. Maybe even a scratch ‘n sniff Michelle Obama colorforms set.

But the Bible? That book with all the God stuff in it?

Surely, that can’t be permitted, can it?

Isn’t there a law or a commandment that says there shall be no bibles in a public schools because of a separation of church and state amendment somewhere or something?

Not to worry. The principal at Madison Park Elementary School in Parlin, New Jersey is apologizing. One of his teachers simply made a mistake. Of course the Bible can be read by students during quiet time if they so choose  – as can any other religious book, for that matter. The teacher was absolutely wrong, said the principal, to make a 3rd Grader put her Bible away during quiet time because it was inappropriate.

From MY Fox New York:

Michelle Jordat says her daughter, Mariah, cried when the teacher told her to put away the Bible. Jordat says her daughter’s feelings were hurt and she was confused. “This was injustice,” Jordat says. “No other child has to go through this again.”

Jordat accepted the principal’s apology, but wants something in writing stating that reading the Bible is OK during personal reading time. She also says she will speak to a lawyer. The Old Bridge Board of Education held a meeting Tuesday evening and addressed the issue for concerned parents.

Momma at the great Weasel Zippers blog wonders if the teacher would have said anything had the book been a Qur’an.

Let’s be perfectly honest. Outside of hardcore pornography, is there anything other than a Bible that would have prompted the teacher to order the child to put away what she was reading?

A pamphlet on how to put a condom on a banana?

The Vagina Monologues?

The Communist Manifesto?

I understand she’s only a 3rd Grader. There aren’t too many nine-year-olds reading Karl Marx – not yet anyway. I’m merely making a point.

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