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Posted by Andrew Roman on December 9, 2009

Colonel Van T. Barfoot

From the “This One Should Have Been Obvious” file …

Another battle is in the books for retired Army Colonel Van T. Barfoot of Virginia – and a great big “V” for victory.

The 90 year old veteran of three wars – and a Medal of Honor Recipient – has won his fight to keep a 21-foot flagpole in his front yard. The Sussex Square Homeowners Association (HOA) has withdrawn its demand to have the pole taken down. Likewise, they assured Barfoot there will be no more threats of legal action.

This is fantastic news on so many levels – not the least of which is the fact that a genuine American hero can now fly his flag in the manner he sees fit without having to worry about lawsuits.

I wish I could say I was assured from the outset that Colonel Barfoot would come out triumphant in this one, but I can’t. Not that Barfoot couldn’t handle the fight, mind you. The man could probably strap on a gun today and give the enemy all it can handle. Rather, my concern was with the HOA – that they would be more than willing to forego common decency and go all the way with this fight just to prove that they could.

From the Associated Press, through Fox News:

The association had threatened to take Barfoot to court if he failed to remove the pole from his suburban Richmond home by Friday. It had said the pole violated the neighborhood’s aesthetic guidelines.

[Senator Mark] Warner and Senator Jim Webb, both Virginia Democrats, had rallied behind Barfoot, a World War II veteran.

In a letter last week, Webb urged the association to “consider the exceptional nature of Col. Barfoot’s service when considering his pride and determination in honoring our flag.”

Barfoot’s fight also has lit up veterans bulletin boards and blog sites supporting him.

Good for Warner and Webb.

Even the greatest White House Press Secretary of all time, Robert Gibbs, said the whole thing was “silly.”

Some things simply transcend politics. (Actually, many things do). This is one of them.

As far as I can tell, save for a few knuckleheads, the entire country was behind Colonel Barfoot.

That this even became an issue in the first place exemplifies how much my country has changed over the years. Whereas at one time, Medal of Honor winners secured their rightful places on the front pages of American newspapers, today they’re threatened by attorneys for erecting “aesthetically inappropriate” flagpoles from which to fly the flag they gallantly defended.

God bless you, Colonel Barfoot.

Fly it proudly.

It’s the emblem of the land I love, the home of the free and the brave.

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