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Posted by Andrew Roman on November 12, 2009

Rassmussen chart 11_11I thought I’d kick off my Thursday morning with a little poll jabber.

As you may or may not know, the Presidential Approval Index is tabulated by combining the percentages of people who strongly approve of the President with those who strongly disapprove. Rasmussen currently has President Barack Obama’s Approval Index at -10 (30% strong approval, 40% strong disapproval). In recent times, his rating has dipped as low as -13 (last Wednesday), and has gotten as “high” as -7 (Saturday).

Overall, his less-than-impressive Approval Index has been fairly consistent for months now.

For those keeping score at home, the President hasn’t had a positive rating since June 29th. (The highest of his presidency occurred two days after his inauguration when he hit +30).

Can you say “decisive trend?”

And if the ouster of two Democrat governors last week wasn’t enough of an indicator, Rasmussen shows that Republican candidates continue to expand their lead over Dems in the Generic Congressional Ballot. The lead is now six points.

Not bad.

Even those who claim no affiliation with either of the two major parties are favoring the GOP by 23 points.

Ouch, donkeys.

Still, as I wrote about yesterday, in a world where former President Bill Clinton and his perceptions actually have some relevance, we conservatives – or “tea baggers” as he called us – are “inflamed” because Democrats are “winning.”

Whatever you say, Mr. Hillary.

While other polling firms appear to show different results on the generic ballot, Real Clear Politics explains the differences in survey samples and question ordering, stating “if you are asking which pollsters have it right, I’d probably put my money on Gallup-Rasmussen.”

And as far as Pelosi-ObamaCare is concerned:

Over the weekend, Democratic leaders said the House’s passage of health care reform legislation was an historic moment. But public opinion remains unchanged: 45% favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats, and 52% oppose it.

That 45% will shrink, guaranteed.

Some other things of note in the Rasmussen poll:

-6 in 10 Americans think the massacre at Fort Hood last week needs to be investigated by the military as a terrorist act.

-Only 46% approve of the President’s overall performance.

-Two-thirds of Americans are against any law that would ban the sale of big screen TVs for the purpose of saving energy.

-1 out of 1 contributors to this blog think the Presidential approval numbers are way too high.


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