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Posted by Andrew Roman on November 10, 2009

Martin and Steele

Roland Martin and Michael Steele

There’s no question about it; when anyone in the public eye (particularly politics) decides they’re going to take a page from the “Idiot’s Guide to Being a Monumental Idiot” and break out the brutally tattered but always readily available race card, I’m all over it. I’ve littered this blog with endless examples of liberals (and other children) making melanin an issue of absurd importance. From Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman, when someone goes racial, I make mention of it. As a conservative, if there is anything less significant to me in the grand scheme of things than the color of someone’s skin, I’ve yet to find it.

The grooming habits of eleventh century Byzantines hold more relevance for me.

Thus, in the name of intellectual honesty (and fairness), when someone on “my side” of the aisle says asinine things – particularly when it comes to matters of race – I am obliged to shine a light on it and crack some GOP skulls.

Enter the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele – who apparently believes that white Republicans are afraid of blacks. Or afraid of him, specifically.

He said so while speaking with Roland Martin on TV One’s Washington Watch over the weekend.

Here was the exchange:

Martin: But your candidates got to talk to them. One of the criticisms I’ve always had is Republicans — white Republicans — have been scared of black folks.

Steele: You’re absolutely right. I mean I’ve been in the room and they’ve been scared of me. I’m like, “I’m on your side,” you know, so I can imagine going out there and talking to someone like you, you know, who [says] “I’ll listen.” And they’re like “Well.” You know, let me tell you. You saw in Christie and you saw in McDonnell a door open because they went in and engaged. McDonnell was very deliberate about spending…

Martin: Right.

Steele: I mean, Sheila Johnson was on his team. I mean, that was a big deal. That’s because he engaged her and she helped navigate him through that relationship.

Enlightening – in a narcissistic, unproductive, neanderthal sort of way.

So, if I’m to understand … Michael Steel has actually been in the room with “them?”

And he knows “they’ve” been scared of him?

How exactly could he tell?

They were already white, so what other indications were there?

Did they walk on the other side of the room when they saw him coming?

Most importantly, how on God’s green earth is it good for the Republican Party to have its own chairman dump on his fellow party members the moment he hits a forum hosted by a liberal’s liberal like Roland Martin? Why would he so effortlessly throw members of his own team under the bus? Because the “shoot-your-own-when-in-the-enemy-is-looking” approach worked so well for John McCain? Because making liberals salivate by feeding their archaic perceptions of Republicans helps the party grow?

Mr. Steele, I can assure you … neither I nor my fellow conservatives are “afraid” of you because you’re black. Or because we may be white. Or because you sounded almost tweenish with your multiple use of the word “like.”

What we are afraid of is you may not be the right man for this job. Period.

Bad move, Michael.

Dumb move, Steele.

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  1. You know, I had a genuine post-racial feeling with this guy- not empty rhetoric like Obama, seemed to me he was largely focused on issues/campaigns… so what’s THIS all about?

    I’ve defended him on my blog more than once and gave him the complete benefit of the doubt, too- although a bit out of his depth, I thought he’d grow into the job- I like his personality, and hey- at least the guy’s got a sense of humor.

    But after NY-23 I lost most respect for him… that’s largely his fault for letting it go down like that– he’s the boss, and it was botched, that’s all I know.

    Hey Mike, I’m not afraid of you, man- unless you’re referring to your ability to quarterback us through the 2010 midterms that are the one last hope for this country.

    We need to get that right, so I’m sure you’ll understand it if you get benched– nothing personal, and CERTAINLY nothing racial about it… you’re just disappointing us, that’s all.

  2. Andrew Roman said

    I couldn’t agree with you more. New York-23 was one huge nail for me, and it was then that my “fear” was brought to the surface – not because of the melanin levels in his skin, but because his “leadership” seemed to be less than sufficient for the job description – which is growing the party.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I question Steele’s ability to lead us to victory in 2010. I hope the party realizes this long before it becomes too late.

  3. bondwooley said

    It’s much easier to understand Michael Steele when you know who’s coaching him:


  4. Tom Degan said

    A party by any other name would whither and die….

    And speaking of names, folks: why don’t they just rename themselves the “Tea Party” and be done with it. This is certainly not the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

    Is it the goal of these clowns that they destroy the GOP in order that it may be rebuilt in their hideous image? If that is the case they’re in for more-than-a-few surprises. That silly party is already “in their image”. Are they serious when they imply that they wish to move it even further to the right? How “far right” can one move before one falls off of the face of the earth? Are they serious?

    Watching the utter implosion of the Grand Old Party in the last year has been the gift that just keeps giving and giving. Someone pinch me!

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

    • Andrew Roman said

      Thanks tremendously for the reply. I do appreciate it sincerely.

      I am curious … In what way, in your mind, is the Republican Party not the party of Lincoln and Roosevelt? How exactly do you mean that? And which “clowns” are looking to rebuild the party? And what “image” are you referring to?

      The “implosion,” it seems to me, is happening within the Democrat Party. Don’t you see it that way?

      How is it that a Party who has control of both houses of Congress as well as the White House is having so many problems passing signature health care legislation? Or planet-saving climate change legislation? The last time I looked, Democrats run everything. Why is this so difficult a time for them?

      How is it that a political party with a sycophant news media complex behind it and an all-adoring entertainment community to worship it can’t seem to get a single thing – other than escalating the national debt to unheard of levels and putting weakness on display internationally – done?

      How is it that in less than a year, Democrats lost two key governorships (including New Jersey), and are plummeting in the polls? That didn’t take too long, did it?


      That sound you hear is the pitter-patter of panicky feet scurrying for a clue on the Left.

      Andrew Roman

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