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Posted by Andrew Roman on November 9, 2009

cup of coffee mondayWhile the steam is still rising from my coffee cup, a quick question …

Is it not reasonable to ask why the leader of the free world, President Barack H. Obama, could not find a few spare moments in his tireless, transformative itinerary to make a an appearance in Berlin, Germany to commemorate the twenty-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?

It would somehow seem appropriate.

I understand that trying to bring the javelin throw to Chicago is a huge deal.

I accept that traveling to Copenhagen to attempt to save the planet from evil, carbon-emitting humans is a top priority.

I know that the freeing of oppressed people doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot to a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, but I think it’s a fair question.

Don’t you?

Am I being nitpicky?

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  1. proof said

    Traveling to Germany to acknowledge this milestone of history, this triumph of democracy and American diplomacy, would entail the possibility of Obama having to say something mildly complimentary of Reagan or, by inference, something mildly critical of Communism, either of which would inflame his nutroot base.

  2. Andrew Roman said

    You are correct. I am embarrassed that I would have considered an Obama trip to Germany to commemorate the event a genuine possibility.

    I know better.

    Andrew Roman

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