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Posted by Andrew Roman on November 6, 2009

the murderer

Nidal Malik Hasan, Murderer

Assuming for a moment I were elected King of the World, the first edict issued would be to ban the use of the word “tragedy” in describing the horrific murders that took place at Fort Hood yesterday afternoon.

If ever there was a misuse of the word, this is it.

This was not a mudslide or an earthquake. It wasn’t a tornado or a typhoon. There was no twenty car pileup on a blizzard-ravaged road.

It was a murderous shooting spree that cost thirteen innocents their lives and injured as many as thirty. It was a ghastly execution of wickedness from a very bad man.

It was an act of evil.

Second, with emerging reports of the murderer as a man increasingly disgruntled with America’s involvement in both Iraq and Afghanistan – and one whose name is said to have appeared on several radical internet postings about suicide bombings – it is not unreasonable to look into the man’s connection with radical Islam.

Third, with reports that the murderer shouted out the love call of the suicide bomber, “Allahu Akbar!” (God is Great) before unleashing his terror on innocents, it is not unreasonable to pursue the angle that yesterday’s deadly rampage was an act of terrorism.

However, ours is a world where a cold blooded killer, such as the human debris who committed these murders, is referred to as a “shooter” or “gunman” – not a “murderer,” or even a “killer.”

It is a world where people are called upon to begin “healing” long before they’ve finished grieving.

It is an age where the “circumstances” that drive the evil-doer to commit the crime are explored at length, while the innocent dead are counted before being discounted.

We live in an era where there exists a pervasive unwillingness (or fear) to label the evils of our time.

It is both frightening and sickening.

Incidentally, the Fort Hood mass-murderer’s name is Nidal Malik Hasan. Many news outlets didn’t even bother to report that for several hours, even after it was confirmed.

He is also a Muslim.

Had Mr. Hasan been called Bobby Ray Jones or Thomas Alan Smith (or something equally Anglo), and was wearing a “Jesus Is Lord” t-shirt when he shouted “Praise Jesus!” before shooting up an abortion clinic or a Planned Parenthood office, there wouldn’t be enough fiber-optics in all the cable television lines in all the world to handle the coverage it would be given. A new channel would have to be created. Additional satellites would have to be launched to accomodate the load. The murderer would have become a household name by the time Keith Olbermann hit the screen at 8:00PM.

Definitionally, how is yesterday’s mass-killing not an act of terrorism?

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  1. Jeremiah said

    Fuad Kamal is an associate of Hasan and is planning a Jihad to take place within the next few months. He uses the code words “Anaara Media” in contacting his associates and travels internationally to meet with new recruits. Fuad Kamal is based on the East Coast of the United States but has many other bases in Europe and the Middle East. He is a popular speaker with Islamic militants and is known for his recruitment strengths.

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