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Posted by Andrew Roman on October 27, 2009

excited JoeI owe a debt of gratitude to President Barack Obama for removing Joe Biden from the United States Senate. Unfortunately, there’s a second part to that story.

Nine months into the Messianic Age, with poll numbers dropping across the board for politicians and water-walkers alike, the Vice President’s favorability ratings are engaged in an epic battle. While Biden’s unfavorable rating, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll, is slowly inching upward – now at 40% – his favorable rating is racing downward to meet it at 42%.

Now that’s close.

The question is … Which rating will emerge victorious?

It is interesting to note that Biden’s favorable rating, since the election in November, has never gone up. In fact, from the time of his election to just before the inauguration, his favorable rating actually went down six points. That’s quite a trick considering he hadn’t even taken office yet. (By contrast, President Obama’s numbers went up 10% during the same period).

According to the Poll:

Gallup has measured public opinion of government leaders using the favorable/unfavorable question format since 1992, so it has comparable data only on Vice Presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney.

Both Gore (63% in January 1993) and Cheney (61% in January 2001) had higher favorable ratings immediately before taking office than did Biden (53% in January 2009).

Though Gallup did not measure the vice presidents’ favorable ratings often during the first year of each administration, the available data show both Gore (55% based on five measurements) and Cheney (65% based on three measurements) having higher average favorable ratings in their first year than Biden does (45% based on two measurements) thus far.

Biden also departs from his immediate predecessors in being significantly less popular than his boss. Gore’s and Cheney’s first-year averages were similar to Bill Clinton’s and George W. Bush’s, respectively.

So, thank you, Bam, for doing something I didn’t think could happen – that is, extracting Crazy Uncle Joe from the Senate.

See what happens when you get what you ask for?

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