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Posted by Andrew Roman on October 22, 2009

From the “Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain” file …

I’ve lost count, but I think there are now forty-seven days remaining before planet Earth reaches the point of no return, at least according to internationally acclaimed climatologist – and Prime Minister of Great Britain – Gordon Brown. If memory serves, Earth has already, on several occasions, reached the point of no return. This time, however, I’m inclined to believe that this is the real point of no return.

Unless it’s not.

That scourge, that disease, that terror, that unyielding, unrelenting, sinister plague that looms like grim death over us all – global warming – continues its inexorable assault on a fragile planet that just wants to be left alone.

The latest example is so heinous, so foul, that I am loathe to report on it.

Still, I must …

In Germany, the unabated warming of the globe has caused record-setting low temperatures – in fact, the lowest temperatures ever recorded in October in that country.

Meteorologists on Tuesday morning recorded the lowest ever October temperature in Germany, as the mercury dipped to a chilly -24.3 degrees Celsius in Bavaria’s Berchtesgaden national park.

The bitter cold was measured at the Funtensee, a notoriously frosty lake high in the Bavarian Alps. Jörg Kachelmann from the Meteomedia weather service said conditions overnight were ideal “with brisk cold air flowing in over freshly fallen powder snow.”

That’s -12 fahrenheit.

Look how they massacred my planet.

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