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Posted by Andrew Roman on October 17, 2009

On the Staten Island Expressway early this morning, on my way home from dropping off my daughter at her Water Safety Instructor certification class, I flipped the car radio to the oldies station.

As with just about all oldies stations these days, they were having one of those special “themed weekends” (i.e., another interesting way of grouping together the same thirty-five songs on their playlist).

Certainly, many of you are familiar with this practice. An oldies station, for example, will run a “70s Weekend,” or a “Number One Records” weekend. That sort of thing.

This weekend, the theme on my local oldies station is the “Men and Women of Motown.”

Call me nitpicky, but what does that mean? The “Men and Women of Motown?”

As opposed to what?

What else is there?

Why not just say, “A Motown Weekend?”

If it isn’t going to be a “Women of Motown” weekend, which is perfectly fine, or a “Men of Motown” theme, why go to the trouble of saying “The Men and Women of Motown?”

Are the “Hermaphrodites of Motown” specifically being excluded?

Do the “Transexuals of Motown” warrant their own weekend?


These are the things I think about driving from Flatbush, Brooklyn all the way to the south shore of Staten Island on a Saturday morning.



  1. proof said

    You obviously have a deep seated resentment for Transgendered Motown artists in general, and flugelhorn players in particular, to rejoice in their exclusion this way! Just wait until you want to buy an NFL team!

    Seriously, the careless use of language is just one of the results of the dumbing down of our schools and our culture. I don’t think that there’s much question that our culture is going over a cliff. I think the only question may be: “How long are the skid marks?”

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