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Posted by Andrew Roman on October 10, 2009

Beacuse of the prodigious triumphs of President Barack Obama in bringing the world ever-so closer to the ultimate objective of world peace – and because he is super cool (and not George W. Bush) – the Nobel Prize Committee has announced that Barack Obama’s award will not resemble the standard “Nobel Peace Prize” Medal.

Clearly, the standing of his accomplishments, along with the sheer magnitude of his very existence, demand something extraordinary. 

The new design will closely resemble that of the Physics, Chemistry, Physiology and Literature medals on its face, but will feature President Obama’s likeness instead of Alfred Nobel’s.

The Obama design will be used on all medals beginning in 2010. Nobel’s name and likeness are being scrapped.

Nobel’s lack of messianic attributes is cited as the primary factor for his removal. 

For his efforts in every field, President Obama is expected to win the balance of medals-formerly-known-as-Nobel next year.

In addition to the new medal design and nomenclature, no less than thirty-eight new medals are expected to be created in Obama’s name for the 2010 presentations, all of which are expected to be won by Barack Obama.

Obama Medal

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  1. Bernie said

    Can’t we make the thing out of a plastic bottle top instead, the kind that will last a 1000 years in a land fill? Or maybe something radioactive, as long as its not “green” I’m in. Thanks……………….Bernie

    • Andrew Roman said

      Radioactive. Yes.
      Now, that’s an idea I like.

      Ten centuries in a landfill makes perfect sense to me.

      Andrew Roman

  2. proof said

    I think the design is a little too subtle for Barack’s tastes. Maybe instead of a medal, they could do a bust of Barama? Life size, or maybe, bigger than life like Barama himself?

  3. proof said

    “Barama”…kind of like “Cher” or “Sting” or “Madonna”. When you’re that big a rock star, you only need one name!

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