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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 29, 2009

obama appeaserFrom the “Warm And Fuzzy” file …

Now that a new secret underground nuclear processing plant in Iran has been made public, is there a better way for that nation to follow up such a hair-raising revelation than with some good old-fashioned, feel-good long-range missile tests?

And is there anything quite as comforting in knowing that these missiles, according to Iran, are capable of reaching any location they feel may pose a threat to that country, including Israel, significant portions of Europe, and some American military installations?

And better still, doesn’t it just make you go all goose-pimply knowing that the President of the United States recently put the kibosh on a missile defense shield that would have been able to take care of these missiles?

Am I the only one hearing Katrina and the Waves sing, “…And don’t it feel good?”


There’s more.

Along with the reality that our President is not interested in victory when it comes to Iran, by now you’re surely aware that General Stanley McChrystal, Commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, is saying that he has spoken to Barack Obama, Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces, only once since being put in charge over the summer.

Only once in a little over two months!


How about that for instilling confidence?

Recall that Afghanistan, according to Obama himself, is the central front in America’s “Overseas Contingency Operation” – or at least it was, as of not too long ago.

Maybe – and this is a big maybe – the President can find the time to actually consult with the Commander of American Forces in Afghanistan before he returns from Copenhagen on his “Let’s Bring The Olympics Home To Chicago” tour.

Maybe an instant message before he finishes his waffle?

Priorities, Bam.

Sing it Katrina … Don’t it feel good?


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