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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 23, 2009

un headquartersIndeed, these are the types of stories that so flow with delectable irony that to comment on them seems almost like cheating.

Still, I haven’t the willpower to resist.

If the ever-worsening condition of the planet due to man-made global warming can be quantified in part by the global footprints we leave behind through our actions, then this week in New York City is helping to assure that there is no hope whatsoever for our ailing globe. As world leaders gather in the Big Apple to address the ever-nauseating, never-relevant United Nations Summit on Climate Change, the carbon footprints these environmental warriors are leaving behind is nothing short of catastrophic – if you are inclined to hysteria.

Mark Knoller at Political Hotsheet writes:

It happens every autumn: midtown Manhattan becomes the motorcade capital of the world. Each foreign leader in town has a convoy of vehicles. Some of them, like President Obama’s motorcade, are 20-to-30 vehicles in length. It’s so long – it seems that when the front of it reaches the U.N., the back end is still back at his hotel.

Exacerbating the annual exercise in diplomatic gridlock are police actions, blocking intersections and closing streets for security to facilitate motorcade movements. It renders countless other vehicles immobile while waiting for motorcades to pass, their engines idling but still blowing exhaust into the midtown air

Does it undermine the goal of the climate change summit and cause the pledges of environmental concern to ring hollow?

Asked about it, White House climate change negotiator Todd Sterns had a suggestion.

“I think the U.N. should make a pledge to electric vehicle motorcades within five years,” he said.

Right. As soon as all U.N. diplomats pay their parking tickets.

Former Vice President Al Gore, purported to be on his private jet heading for a Global Warming symposium, could not be reached for comment.


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