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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 22, 2009

FNC's Glenn Beck

FNC's Glenn Beck

In an interview with CBS’s Katie Couric, Glenn Beck said, “I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama.” (I’ll set aside the snide commentary on why Beck chose Katie Couric, of all people, to sit down with).

Despite admiring much of what Glenn Beck says and does, this little nugget is a bona fide question-mark maker.

McCain would be worse than Obama?

In what dimension?

Beck also said he very well might have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain, had she been the Democrat nominee for President.

(Insert pregnant pause here).

I’m scratching my head so much that I’ve struck skull.

And the amzing thing is … there are mulitudes who agree with him.

I assure you, this is no slam on Glenn Beck in general – just on his ridiculous assertion that having John McCain in the White House would be worse for the United States of America than Barack Obama.

I must ask:

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have killed missile defense in Europe?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would let the Bush tax cuts expire?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would apologize for his country on foreign soil?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would close Guantanamo Bay in Cuba?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would pursue single-payer health care?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have stood by and said nothing while innocents were being slaughtered by the Iranian government?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have backed a dictator-in-waiting in Honduras?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have attempted to impose “cap-and-trade” in the midst of the “worst recession since the Great Depression?”

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would have expanded federal government spending to the record-breaking levels Obama has?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain would want to slash our nuclear arsenal to the point of eventually eliminating them altogether?

Is there anyone who believes that John McCain views the rights of the unborn as Barack Obama does?

Fair questions, I believe.

I promise, I am no fan of John McCain, nor did I play one during the last Presidential campaign cycle, but Beck’s contention is downright dumb.

Talk show host Mark Levin took issue with Beck on his radio program:

“How can you, day after day, night after night, correctly rail against Obama and his radicalism – how he’s undermining the Constitution; how he’s nationalizing our basic industries; how he has Marxists all around him – and then say in an interview with Katie Kouric, “I think John McCain would have been worse than Obama?”

That’s not good.

McCain is no conservative. In fact, in many respects, he’s a progressive – which is why I fought him, day in and day out. Day in and day out behind this microphone. Not only fought him behind this microphone, but wrote article after article – Go ahead and google it – rejecting his candidacy.

But to say that he would be worse than a President who’s a Marxist? Who’s running around the world apologizing for our nation? Who’s slashing our defense budget? Who’s nationalizing our health care system? To say he would be worse is mindless.



I’m sorry ladies and gentleman. I speak from the heart, and I speak from the mind. I don’t know who people are playing to. I don’t know why they’re playing to certain people.

Ron Paul is another one – this fascination with Ron Paul. Ron Paul who blames America – “American Imperialism” – for the attacks on 9-11. How could any conservative embrace that? While his domestic arguments – 80% of them are sound, in my humble opinion – he goes way off the cliff when it comes to foreign policy and blaming America, and American armed forces, and American good will, in my humble opinion, for instigating the Islamo-Nazi attacks on us. How could anybody embrace that?

And yet, the 5PMer (Glenn Beck) does.

No, I don’t think so.

No, I think there’s enormous confusion, and positioning, and pandering.

It may be entertaining, but from my perspective, it’s not. It’s pathetic.”

Now with that said, if Beck is operating from the perspective that the Obama presidency is serving to galvanize conservatives and the Republican Party in the same sort of way Ronald Reagan did following the debacle that was the Jimmy Carter presidency, I can certainly appreciate that. If Beck is trying to point out that the explosion of Tea Parties across the map, along with widespread opposition to ObamaCare, would not have been possible without the current messianic leadership – and thus would not have thrown the spotlight onto big-time Obama-style leftism – I understand where he is coming from.

Still, Beck is fundamentally wrong.

Under Barack Obama, the United States is on a course of no return. It was not – and is not – worth the damage Obama’s Marxist-type policies will do to this country to enable a “true conservative” to rise from the ashes and save the day.

I, for one, was not willing to “sacrifice” four years of my nation’s well-being to prove a point. After all, we did have Reagan for eight years … and look where we are now.

It is far easier – by definition – to reverse conservative policies than liberal ones.


5 Responses to “GLENN BECK’S “SAY WHAT?” MOMENT”

  1. arkady said

    I somewhat differ in that opinion although no one can deny your basic premise. Read what I wrote on the matter, only two short paragraphs and let me know.

    • Andrew Roman said

      Your new blog looks sensational, Arkady!

      I wish you only the best of success there.

      I have replied at your blog.

      In short, I wrote:

      I understand your premise, but I fundamentally disagree with you in the sense that no matter how “progressive” John McCain was on various matters – and, indeed, he WAS without question – the “damage” he would have inflicted on this country would be miniscule compared to what the current President is doing. In eight short months, Obama is on the brink of forever transforming the country into territory that is irreversible. McCain might have done harm to the Republicans in the short term, but it is my COUNTRY that I care about first and foremost, and there is no one on Earth capable of making the argument that John McCain would have been WORSE for this country than Obama.

      Be well!

      Andrew Roman

      • arkady said


        Thanks for the compliment, spent a few days working on that bloody template.

        This is where we disagree. Obama’s damage IS short term, because we can see it and it can be reversed. Suppose all future legislation is blocked, well we can always undo the stimulus. McCain’s damage will be long term in the sense that it will be slow and creeping. By the time he is done, America will be so fed up with anything conservative/republican that it will be beyond repair and they will elect someone to the left of Obama. Obama = Carter. 2012 = Reagan.

      • Andrew Roman said

        We will agree to disagree on this point.

        Big government programs and entitlement spending do not get reversed – see Social Security, Medicair, Medicaid, the War on Poverty, etc. Big government agencies do not go away – see the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, etc. It isn’t possible to undo the overwhelming vast majority of liberal big spending atrocities that have become to part of our everyday lives. The very notion of doing away with Social Security is not only unspeakable, it is entirely unpractical since so many people have already paid into it and are entitled to that money back. That’s what liberal policies are all about. They hook the American people in and become so intertwined into the very functions of everyday life that they cannot be undone.

        That is long term damage.

        You see what has gone on in eight short months since Obama’s anointment. The very foundation of the American free market system is under assault. The very health care delivery system that is the envy of the world is being threatened with changes that will never be able to be undone once the government involves itself in it. That can hardly be denied. That fact ALONE makes the damge Obama can do far more frightening – and permanent – than anything McCain could do.

        McCain is a lot of things, but he is no Marxist. One cannot make the argument that McCain is no conservative then say America will be fed up with anything having to do with conservativism because of a McCain presidency.

        Think about Obama’s influence on the Supreme Court. Judge Sotomayor will be on the high court for a long time. Her appointment ALONE is sufficient to argue that McCain is infinitely more desirable than Obama. Sotomayor’s presence on the Court will be felt for a long time. Had McCain won in November, the Court would now be decidely conservative. There is not much more long term impact a President can have than who he appoints to the Supreme Court.

        I’m not sure where you arrive at the notion that America would be fed up with anything to do with Republicans or conservatives based on a McCain presidency. On what do you base that assertion?

        Do you have any doubt that McCain would prosecute the war far better than Obama? Would McCain make America weak in the eyes of the world by apologizing on foreign soil for the deeds of his country?

        Indeed, as you say, we can SEE what Obama wants to do, but so what? For anyone who paid attention during the campaign season, Obama’s far leftist leanings were as plain as the birthmark on Gorby’s forehaed. His leftism is of no surprise to me, nor should it be to anyone else who was breathing. Of course, that didn’t stop 52% of Americans from voting for him. These people have no business being surprised by Bam’s actions. What did they expect? And if they did expect moderation, on what did they base that?

        You can make the case that conservatives would not be pleased by many of McCain’s actions, but to say that America is better off having Obama in the White House is patently indefensible. There is A LOT of damage that can be done in a four year Obama term – irreversible damage, record setting defecits, unprecendented government intrusion into our lives … PLUS weakened military standing throughout the world.

        And if Obama keeps up his “let’s be friendly with everyone” appraoch to national security, the damage that can be inflicted on this nation by the enemy is as irreversible as anything can be. The loss of innocent American lives due to foreign policy incompetence is as long-term as it gets.

        Look at it this way …. There is NO CHANCE that a McCain presidency would be WORSE for America domestically speaking that an Obama presidency. Even if for the sake of argument, at worst, he was equally as bad as Obama on the home front, he would ALWAYS do better on foreign policy.

        The question is … What exactly could McCain do that would “turn off” Americans to Republicans and conservatives? What could he do that could get Americans so fed up over the long term that they would feel the damage is beyond repair? Contray to your assertion, the “slow and creeping” method would not trigger the kind of dissent you’re talking about. Rather, it is the bombastic, immediate demands for transformation – like the ones Obama is spearheading now – that catch the attention of Americans. Indeed, there is a good amount of dissent in the country now, but the Democrats still have the votes on Capital Hill, and along with a very compliant media ready to back him at every turn, the chances of passage are very, very real.

        That is my fear … and it should be every American’s fear.

        Andrew Roman

  2. sharethisurlaboutglenbek said

    You may enjoy my blog, The Glenn Beck Report.

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