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Posted by Andrew Roman on September 10, 2009

"You lie!" he yelled.

"You lie!" he yelled.

As the House of Representiatives’  teleprompter continues to get accolades the morning after the President’s fifteen-thousandth speech on health care, consider a hypothetical scenario.

Imagine for a moment the federal government setting up a McDonalds type restaurant where the cost of hamburgers was only eight cents. Imagine the same restaurant offering large icy cold sodas for only fourteen cents, and a ten piece chicken nugget pack for a quarter. Then, imagine a string of these government-run restaurants being built in communities all across the country, serving the very same neighborhoods that the real free-market McDonalds does. Imagine such a place being subsidized in large part by tax payers. Imagine food being considered a right.

Here are some obvious questions … Where do you suppose cash-strapped teenagers and low-income families will go to eat? Do you think they’re more likely to patronize the place where five people can eat a whole lot of food for $3.00? Or the place where four small value meals can run over $20.00?

And what do you suppose will happen to the real McDonalds when it finds itself in direct competition with an entity that can print its own money to pay suppliers, never worry about answering to anyone, and offer the public up to 90% discounts on food? How long will it be able to survive?

Keep in mind, no one from the government has actually legislated the end of the real McDonalds. There is no language to be found anywhere to that effect. There doesn’t have to be an explicit law, or statute, or directive stating that it be officially be dissolved. There doesn’t have to be a provision, or clause, or reference in the original bill saying, “All privately owned McDonalds will hereby be abolished upon the passage of this bill into law.”

It will simply happen as a result of the law’s existence.

That’s because there is no way the real McDonalds can compete.

Thus, when proponents for a government-run McDonalds step up to the podium and look the American people in the eye and say, “It is simply untrue that the law says private enterprise in this area is to be eliminated,” they technically aren’t lying. There is literally nothing in the law that expresses it, explicitly or implicitly.

Now, with that in mind, think of what President Obama said last evening, when he assured the American people that illegals would not be covered by the government-run health care plan he is pushing – which prompted South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson to openly call the President a liar during his speech.

(You must’ve heard about it. It made all the papers).

What Wilson understands is that because there is no real checks-and-balance of any kind to keep illegals from being covered (and that the so-called “40 million uninsured” Obama has all along been peddling actually includes illegals) there ultimately can be no other result. Backdoor triggers and endless amendments will ensure that illegals eventually get the coverage Democrats wish they could just offer them outright. It doesn’t have to be spelled out in black-and-white because it is an inevitability, much like the death of the privately owned McDonalds in our hypothetical scenario.

As Gabriel Malor at the Ace of Spades blog writes:

Although (the House version of the bill) does not provide subsidies for illegal aliens, it does allow them to participate in the “healthcare exchanges.” It also contains a provision which prevents anyone from checking on the citizenship status of any person seeking healthcare.

You do the math.

President Obama is well aware of all this.

Think for a moment about the so-called “death panels” that opponents to ObamaCare – like myself – say will become a reality if passed into law. Indeed, there is no proposal anywhere that uses those very words, but what else can happen if there are suddenly “forty million” newly insured people in the system without an increase in the number of physicians to serve them?

Flat out rationing.

What other result can there be when severely limited resources meet up with skyrocketing demand?

And although I do believe that cat-calling the President of the United States while he is addressing a joint session of congress is wholly inappropriate, frankly I was not terribly offended by Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst – not like I was when Senator Dick Durbin equated our military to the Nazis on the Senate floor; or when the late Senator Kennedy announced that the Iraqi torture chambers were being re-opened under new American management under George W. Bush.

Those were unsubstantiated, contemptible claims made by shallow men with the inability to argue a point with anything other than emotionally-charged prattle.

Yes, that sound you hear is the collective orgasm of lib bloggers, commentators, reporters and professional spinsters across the map equating Joe Wilson with whatever their lastest benchmark of evil is. And while Wilson’s emotional outburst may have been wrong, he was thoroughly correct in understanding what will ultimately happen if (and when) ObamaCare kicks in.

Oh, and by the way … anyone who has the nerve to claim that Republicans are the ones who are wont to dip into their scare tactics bag to push their agendas, consider this passage from the President’s speech last evening:

Everyone in this room knows what will happen if we do nothing. Our deficit will grow. More families will go bankrupt. More businesses will close. More Americans will lose their coverage when they are sick and need it most. And more will die as a result.

Add that one to the long, ever-growing list of “liberal hysterias to feed” that include such chart-topping catastrophes-in-waiting as global warming, overpopulation, the heterosexual AIDS epidemic, and bird flu.


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