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Posted by Andrew Roman on August 18, 2009

From the beginning, it's been us

From the beginning, it's been us

It’s about time someone came out and said it. It’s about time someone had the courage to step up to the plate and say what so many of us have been thinking. There’s a certain kind of vindication – a feeling of exoneration and, yes, even victory – in having something corroborated that you’ve always known to be true in your heart, but couldn’t prove – namely, that man’s very existence causes global warming.

While I have no plans to immediately slit my own wrists, there’s no question that I deserve it.

As do you.

And we all owe it to the Earth.

From The Economist:

Anthropogenic global warming started when people began farming.

Imagine a small group of farmers tending a rice paddy some 5,000 years ago in eastern Asia or sowing seeds in a freshly cleared forest in Europe a couple of thousand years before that. It is here, a small group of scientists would have you believe, that humanity launched climate change. Long before the Industrial Revolution—indeed, long before a worldwide revolution in intensive farming, the results of which kept humanity alive—people caused unnatural exhalations of greenhouse gases that had an impact on the world’s climate.

It looks as if humanity has been interfering with the climate since the dawn of civilisation.

While there is so much begging to be said, is there anything that can remotely hold a candle to the notion that human exhalations of carbon dioxide can be considered “unnatural?”

Naturally, my first question would be … What level of human exhalation would have been more “natural?”

It’s not unlike asking a global warming hysteric, “What should the temperature be right now?”

Of course, global warming nutcases, climate change screwballs, and environmentalist whackjobs view humanity itself as being unnatural.

The totality of all existence is natural except humanity.



  1. rightbill said

    I have linke to this from my Twitter account and I’m also linking to it from my blog – Thanks ! BK

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