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Posted by Andrew Roman on August 7, 2009

Convicted Democrat

Convicted Democrat

From the “Who Says There’s Media Bias” file …

When Republicans blunder publicly, there can never be a doubt as to his or her political affiliation. Whether that blunder comes in the form marital infidelity (which is more appropriately a private matter) or an all-out, red-light case of political corruption, you can rest assured that if he or she becomes one of the stories on a television newscast, all consumers of that newscast will know that he or she is a GOPer before they are even sure what was supposed to have happened. Regardless of how severe the charge or dastardly the deed, the world will know that a Republican is behind it.

However, this is not necessarily the case for Democrats … if you can believe it.

Take former Democrat congressman William Jefferson, for instance.

Following the ex-Louisiana congressman’s conviction on Wednesday for taking bribes (on 11 of 16 counts), the big three networks were surprisingly inconsistent in affiliating Mr. Jefferson with the Democrat Party in their news coverage … as hard as that may be to fathom.

Kyle Drennen at the great News Busters website explains:

On Thursday, all three network morning news programs reported the conviction of former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson on bribery charges, but only NBC’s Today identified him as a Democrat. CBS’s Early Show and ABC’s Good Morning America simply referred to him as a “former congressman.”

In contrast, Wednesday’s NBC Nightly News did not provide a Democratic label for Jefferson, while ABC’s World News did identify his party affiliation. The CBS Evening News made no mention of the conviction. While both Good Morning America and Today featured news briefs early in the 7AM ET hour on Thursday, The Early Show did not mention the story until early in the 8AM hour.

While CBS finally managed that single news brief Thursday morning, reporter Russ Mitchell framed the story in the context of Jefferson’s attorney appealing the decision: “A lawyer for former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson says he will appeal Jefferson’s conviction on 11 counts of bribery, racketeering, and money laundering.” Neither Today nor Good Morning America mentioned the appeal.

Interesting to note here is that during the time period when Democrat William Jefferson was knee-deep in bribery and frozen money, one couldn’t swing a dead woodchuck without hitting a congressional Democrat going on and on about the Republican Party’s “culture of corruption.”

Remember when that little quotable was all the rage?

Speaking of “culture of corruption,” you’ll recall late last month when a slew of New Jersey politicians (among others) were arrested in a far-reaching federal corruption and money laundering scandal. How many knew that just about all of the main political players (including Mayor Pete Cammarano of Hoboken, Mayor Dennis Elwell of Secaucus, Deputy Mayor Leona Beldini of Jersey City and Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega) were Democrats?

I didn’t.

Not at first.

welcome to new jerseyIn this CBS report, in an almost two minute-long video, there is no mention of political party, nor does a small “D” show up anywhere on the screen. If the accused had been Republicans, CBS would have had little elephant icons stampeding across the bottom third.

On the day the story broke, Joe Ryan of Newark Star Ledger listed the names of some of the arrested officials in the second paragrpah of his article. Only Republican Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt was identified politically – that is, until the 11th and 12th paragraphs when Cammarano and Elwell were finally labeled as Democrats.

In an article filed by Scott Curkin, Bill King and Lakisha Bostick of WABC-TV in New York, no mention of anyone’s political affiliation came until the eighth paragraph when Cammarano was identified as a Democrat – but no one else.

However, most interesting in their piece is the paragraph where they list the names of all the Jersey City officials who were arrested.

Only the Republicans are identified politically.

(L. Harvey) Smith, a former Jersey City mayoral candidate who served four years as the city’s council president, and several other current and former Jersey City public officials also are accused of accepting money to help the fake developer gain permits and approvals.    

The Jersey City officials include:

-(Deputy Mayor Leona) Beldini

-Jersey City Council President Mario Vega

-Jersey City Council candidate La Vern Webb-Washington

-John Guarini, Jersey City Republican, also chairman of the Jersey City 9/11 Committee

-Guy Catrillo, Jersey City Republican

-Joseph Castagna, Jersey City Health Officer

-Louis Manzo, a former Assemblyman and Jersey City mayor candidate

-Michael Manzo, Jersey City fire arson investigator

Note how John Guarini is first and foremost a Republican. He is “also” a 9/11 commitee member.

Guy Catrillo doesn’t even have a title. He’s just a Jersey City Republican.

In all fairness, New Jersey has a long, illustrious history of political corruption. They’re pros over there – Democrat and Republican alike.

But have no doubt, if New Jersey were a red state, conservatism itself would have somehow been blamed as the chief catalyst for the state’s rampant corruption … or George W. Bush.


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