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Posted by Andrew Roman on August 6, 2009

She is the third in line to the Presidency of the United States.

Here was the exchange:

Reporter: Do you think there’s legitimate grassroots opposition going on here?

Pelosi: I think they’re astroturf. You be the judge. They’re carrying swastikas and symbols like that to town meetings on health care.

They’re” carrying swastikas, Madame Secretary?

Is it a movement now?

And what other “symbols like that” are you referring to?

Pictures of the Founding Fathers?

Facsimiles of the Constitution?

American flags?

If the national debt could be reduced by one dollar for every pairing of a swastika and Goerge W. Bush that appeared on college campuses, rallies, protests and other leftist love-ins during the pre-Messianic era, the country could very well be operating in the black.

From the “It’s So Obvious, I Shouldn’t Have To Say It” file … It goes without saying that it is altogether inappropriate for anyone to compare an American President to Adolf Hitler, regardless of what side of the aisle the charge comes from. That one or two isolated cases of people carrying signs with swastikas have been documented at recent town hall meetings hardly qualifies as a trend – and is yet another attempt at distracting the attentions of the American people away from a very unpopular course of action.

After all, if the word “nazi” can somehow become identified with opposing Obama’s health care plan in the nation’s cognitive schema, then Democrats have done their job.

To be fair … one of the swastika signs in question didn’t even accuse the President of being a Nazi; it only asked if Obama was really willing to go down the path of having the government takeover health care. It had a swastika with a line through it, and the word “Obama” with a question mark after it – not exactly substituting the “s” in “George W. Bush” with a swastika, but questionable, I suppose. (Government-run health care and fascism are not synonymous).

Another sign actually had a Hitler-like moustache drawn on the face of Barack Obama.

Stupid, to be sure … but only one case out of tens of thousands of people who have spoken up against the Obama health care debacle at these town hall meetings.

Disgraceful, Madama Speaker. Disgraceful.


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