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Posted by Andrew Roman on August 1, 2009

Mary Robinson

Mary Robinson

Why not just come out and spit on a map of Israel for the cameras? Or offer an obscene finger gesture?

Or better yet, why not just have another photograph circulated across the globe featuring him showing off the bottom of a different pair of shoes?

A “Screw You Israel” t-shirt would have done the trick.

So many possibilities.

For someone who has said that the pomp and circumstance of the American Presidency isn’t quite his cup of tea, it’s interesting (and not particularly surprising) that President Obama has decided to use such a ceremonious occasion to take a steel-toe boot to the nether regions of the nation of Israel in awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian award in this country – to someone like Mary Robinson.

She wasn’t just the first female President of Ireland, or the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (which in itself should have been enough to trigger a “Something’s fishy in Denmark” alarm), but an unmistaken, unabashed enemy of Israel and a supporter of Palestinian suicide bombings as a means to an end.

Let’s not forget that she was the heart and soul of the infamous Durban I human rights conference, a.k.a Anti-Semitism-Free-For-All ’01.

President Obama would have been better served choosing a blood blister or the second Darrin from Bewitched for the award.

Richard Beahr at the great American Thinker site writes:

This is like sticking a fork in the eye of a supporter of Israel. But I am sure the Jewish left will think nothing of it. Each time I see a foreign policy decision of this administration — on missile defense, disarmament, Israel, Honduras, on the Iranians crushing dissent to their fraudulent election, the question I now ask is this: If Hugo Chavez were the American President, would the action be any different?

Far more often than not, the answer is no. We now have Hugo Chavez running the foreign side, and Henry Waxman running the domestic agenda. Is this the change we can believe in? Our country is disappearing before our eyes, if they are open.

Tevi Troy at the National Review’s Corner adds:

Robinson’s record is well known to most Jews with even a passing familiarity with the Jewish media. It cannot be a surprise that honoring Robinson in this way would be anathema to the Jewish community. In addition, I know from having worked in the White House that these selections go through extremely careful vetting of public and non-public databases to make sure that they would not embarrass the president in any way.

If you are looking for more to smile about, be advised that Bishop Desmond Tutu – who, as Behar observes, is “the man who compares Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to apartheid” – will also be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Obama.

Among others receiving the honor is Senator Edward Kennedy from Massachusetts, responsible for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969, as well as the Reverend Joseph Lowery.

You’ll recall Lowery delivered that inspiring Inaugural Day benediction asking us all to work for a day when blacks didn’t have to get in back, browns could stick around, and whites could embrace what is right.

I guess Keith Olbermann is next year.


2 Responses to “MEDAL ANYONE?”

  1. Steve Hudson said

    Hi Andrew. Fascinating blog. Just one thing: That great American Thinker column is by Richard Baehr, their chief political reporter. I think you mispelled his name, in case you want to fix it and give credit where credit is due. Baehr’s column in June on Obama and the Settlements is also worth reading. Cheers!

    • Andrew Roman said

      I did spell Mr. Baehr’s name incorrectly. I’ve corrected it. Thanks much!

      I know the article you reference quite well. It is very well done. From June 10th, here it is.

      Thanks Steve!

      Andrew Roman

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